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Jul 29, 2011 09:52 AM

Domenic's No Sandwiches at Lunchtime?

Got to Domenic at noon today to pick up some sandwiches for a road trip. The line was long but I thought it would move quickly. It didn't move for a while. Then groups of people started leaving because the staff forgot to cook the bread. There were no sandwiches in the entire place. There was not a shred of management either. Everyone left because there was no food to buy. The staff was just hanging around and moving way to slowly and really didn't care that it was lunchtime and they only had rice balls and pizza to serve. We bought a few slices of pizza which were pretty doughy and just plain bad. I remember the days of Domenic's when there were all of these Italian Grandmothers in the kitchen cooking and making fabulous food. There was not one single one. The staff was not even Italian and it was a real disappointment. Was Domenic's sold?

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  1. I've been going to Domenic's for years and don't ever remember a kitchen full of Italian grannies. It's a bakery, so the notion that they "forgot" to bake bread doesn't add up. This has to represent some kind of crazy one-time anomaly with a reasonable explanation behind it.

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      I have been going for a long time too and I have seen the Italian Grandmothers in the back whipping up food. The place was so poorly run today that it was shocking. They were telling everyone that they forgot to bake the bread. Then they said once it came out of the oven it would be too hot to cook. There looked to be not a single bit of ownership or management today. While I realize you do not need an owner there you should have someone who knows how to run a lunch shift. They lost so may customers today that would have spent money yet they still have to pay the staff who did not cook the bread or have lunch set up.

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        Thank God my office didn't get lunch there today. I love their sandwiches but an experience like that might have blacklisted them with enough of my officemates that they would be off the list indefinitely.

        As an aside Hi-Rise was blacklisted for almost two years for continually forgetting to but certain advertised ingredients in their cubano. Fordee's was blacklisted because they couldn't follow a simple "no onion" request. Sadly, Guru the Caterer is blacklisted because they never pick up the phone at the Somerville location....and the list goes on. We just can't afford another loss.

        Guru the Caterer
        1297 Broadway, Somerville, MA

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          really weird. hope all is well there. i don't go often but always have found it cheerful, reliably fresh and good, and a destination I'd like to keep on my "go to" list.

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        One of my sons introduced me to Dominic's in Waltham (I've only been able to eat there once - really liked my sandwich. He told me a great story about the first time he went there.

        Although he looks Irish, my kid is part Italian (I would say the better part, haha). When he walked in & saw that the help was all Latin (logical, since there are fewer Italians around these days - and even fewer who will work for the wages that are typical) he said (my kid is far from shy OR quiet, lol), Hey - this is an Italian place? Where are the Italians??

        At that point, everyone working there looked in back - and one very short, round and not very young Italian lady - complete with the typical 'house dress & ankle stockings' attire that's so familiar to us - just gave him a look. (and he started to laugh)

        She then waddled out & stepped into her Mercedes - smiled at him - and drove off.

        hahaha! (This happened sometime over this past winter, btw - we never knew about the place before this).

        To the cherrytomato: I'm hoping that there was some unexpected problem that's been resolved - I wouldn't scratch the place off my list despite it being frustrating.

        Editing to add: saw my son tonight, and he told me that she had "one stocking up, one down," too, lol. He never stops raving about their sandwiches - I only ate there once, as I said, but he's eaten there a lot. This 6'2" Irish looking son of mine considers himself to be very Italian, lol - and began pining over what he's eaten there (the kid who lived on, first peanut butter & honey sandwiches, and then - gross - mayo sandwiches - has turned into a real chowhound, I'm proud to say).

        Plus, we're all hungry tonight, to make it all the more tempting, lol.

      3. Forgot to add this place to my "bum steer" post. ;-)

        I've tried this place many times and have had many different sandwiches hoping the quality of the sandwich and its preparation would match the quality of the bread and the popularity/hype. I've given up.

        I knew those workers weren't italian the first time I ordered a eggplant parm and wanted hot pepper flakes added and they didn't have the slightest clue to what I was requesting.

        1. Is this Domenic's in Waltham?

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            yest it is. I had enjoyed sandwiches there in the past and was looking forward to buying a few sandwiches but there were none to be had.