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Jul 29, 2011 08:47 AM

Suggestions for Peach Shortcake

(Long time lurker, first time poster. Be gentle.)

I am looking to make a Peach Shortcake recipe for a group of friends tomorrow night, which calls for the peaches to macerate in a 1/2c of peach schnapps. I have some blueberries I wanted to use as well, but am wary about using the schnapps for those too. I haven't had it except in a Sex on the Beach and am concerned it'd be too much for the blueberries? I am hoping someone has alternate alcohol suggestions or reassurance that the schnapps would still be fine in this application. I don't really want to buy more than one bottle since I am moving next week.

Thanks for the assistance!

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  1. Hi nickelndime, Welcome to the posting side of CH! I will be gentle :)
    If you're open to the idea of no alcohol at all. Fresh peaches should be at the naturally sweet smell, semi soft to the touch, easy to slice, easy to remove pit stage for a shortcake recipe. Unless you have a reason to punch the flavor with alcohol; even a peach variation I would forgo it altogether. And blueberries, are a nice combo with peaches in a shortcake but even more delicate in flavor and would truly be lost in alcohol.

    The recipe I'm highlighting I've used many x's. My family likes ice cream so I do add it but you can easily omit ice cream and follow the recipe as is.

    The only flavoring I would add to up a less than flavorful peach preparation is maybe some peach puree and vanilla extract for no more than 30 mins. in the frig. But if you are lucky to score some terrific peaches, don't flavor them with anything else.

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      Thanks, HillJ. I think I will forgo the booze all together - it just seems criminal to do anything more to the lovely summer fruit! Depending on how sweet my peaches are (the blueberries are amazing), I will toss with a bit of the vanilla sugar I have hanging out and call it a day!

      1. re: nickelndime

        That sounds like a good solution especially given how good fruit in season is.

        My other idea would be not to use shnapps (which I don't like that much to begin with) and add a small splash of amaretto (if I did this, I'd add slivers of toasted almonds to it) or rum. Not much, not enough to taste it easily but enough that you get it in the background. It would be a shame to overwhelm summer fruit right now.

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          Happy to swap ideas with you. I hope you'll report back on your delicious results. Share the recipe you went with and continue to post on the HC Board. Enjoy!

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            My daughter and I just got talking about this recipe a bit and she reminded me of the # of x's we've drizzled honey or fresh squeezed lime juice over the peaches just before serving them with shortcakes. So when the peaches were less than sweet or out of season, we embellished. :)

            Now, she & I are planning apricot shortcakes for Sunday brunch!

        2. I'd leave out the booze altogether. I think it tastes better that way.

          1. I'd use the schnapps if I had it, and I wouldn't worry about the blueberries, either - while the schnapps will definitely penetrate the peaches, blueberries are much slower to absorb anything. On the other hand I think a simple maceration in sugar, flavored however you see fit, is probably the easiest, and the most reliable way to please the most people. As we see from this fairly short thread, there are plenty of folks who'd rather avoid booze.

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            1. re: Will Owen

              Not that the point matters all that much but I like being clear when I try to offer help to a fellow CH. I don't avoid the use of alcohol in recipes but I am fussy about how/when I use it.

              I didn't recommend the use of alcohol in this recipe because it will overwhelm the fresh peaches (which are delicate) do nothing for the blueberries and not enhance the shortcake. Shortcakes are a light, airy dessert. If bringing out the peach flavor is the goal, use of artifically flavored alcohol isn't a great choice. Macerating them in some type of a sweetener like we've suggested, absolutely.

            2. I didn't end up using any booze (a guest at the party was adverse, so I decided to avoid it) but added some basil and a squirt of lemon to the fruit while it macerated with the vanilla sugar.

              It was a big hit, though I wasn't super enthralled with the shortcake batter, it was a bit dense for my liking (recipe here: Shortcake at my house has always been more like a biscuit dough, which I think I like more.

              Thanks for all the feedback.