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Jul 29, 2011 08:22 AM

Kosher Culinary Orlando meals at Disney Swan and Dolphin

I was wondering if anyone has stayed at the Swan or Dolphin and ordered the fresh meals from Kosher Culinary. If you have, how did they taste, how were they served and what were the portions like?

I'll be heading over there at the end of August and would love to plan my meals now.

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  1. on the subject of Orlando. my son was just hired by KPMG and has a week of orientation at the end of August. He'll be there till 3:30pm friday and will obviously not make it back to NY for Shabbos. What's his Orlando options (assuming the firm is not going to pay another $259 a day for his room over the weekend) ? he said he has someone in Jacksonville (2& 1/2 hour drive) that he can go to for Shabbos.

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      There is not much of a frum community in downtown Orlando and the surrounding area other than Chabad, so I would call them if he is looking for hospitality. There is also a Chabad shul in the Ormond Beach area (about an hr from Orlando) which I think is a slightly bigger communtiy.

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        What about the shul that's next to the restaurant, Ohel Rahel Leah? Does it have many members? I'm sure food can be taken care of.

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          there is a frum ashkenazy community if you need jewish hospitality over for Shabbos. Call Rabbi Yachness 347-456-6485

      2. The food at Kosher Culinary restaurant is ok with average portions, but expensive. If you can, I would go to Cohen's Kosher Deli which has a much much greater selection, equal portions and better prices.