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Jul 29, 2011 08:04 AM

Mt. Desert Island - what's new?

Hi, we moved from MDI to the Brunswick area a year ago, and will be cruising back up in a few weeks to visit. Would like to hear about anywhere new and good...also opinions on Ten Tables at the Bass Harbor Cottage if you've been.

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  1. NEW: Fathom (replaced Maggie's Classic Scales) is getting mixed, but generally good, reviews; the Lobster Claw (where Michelle's Brown Bag was located) is back as is Eden Vegetarian restaurant (love Eden; it's in the old Bar Harbor Hostel). My thoughts on 10 Tables;

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      Thanks - I'm so glad to hear Eden is back!

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        My review of Fathom isn't mixed at all. We found it outstanding with it's friendly unpretentious service and excellent cuisine. The chef (formally of Red Sky) has a real flair for incorporating unusual flavors to harmonious result. Cocktails were decent ( a harder shake would be nice) and the wine list fairly priced. Get there before the word is out!