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Jul 29, 2011 07:56 AM

Drip Coffee / Baked Goods near West End

I'm coming to DC for a week in early October and I'd like recommendations for good drip coffee and for baked goods (ie, bakery/pastry shop/croissants, that kind of thing). As for the coffee, I really like a good strong drip coffee; I'm not a big espresso fan.

I'll be staying at the (apparently somewhat inaccurately named) Westin Georgetown, which is on M street two blocks north of Washington Circle. Anyplace in that area, or in Georgetown, or really anywhere near the touristy areas would be fine; (or if the baked goods are THAT good, then I'll travel for it; Food is at the top of my list when traveling - ok, anytime.)

I've seen mention of breadline in a few places so I'm planning on trying that out; I realize it's not exactly next to the hotel (0.8 miles according to google maps) but that's certainly walkable.

I'll post separately about restaurants recommendations. By the way, I did a search for coffee and didn't find anything other than espresso recommendations.


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  1. I hope you're into the whole "hand pour" thing for drip coffee. That is very in vogue.

    Check out Baked and Wired in Georgetown. I recommend the smores bar and the dulce de leche cupcake. They have a huge selection of treats.

    Other places in touristy areas:
    Filter Coffee in Dupont,
    Nola in Dupont (they serve Buzz bakery goods now and I love the drip coffee there),
    Dolcezza in Dupont.
    All of these places have good baked goods, and Dolcezza also has extremely good gelato.

    Chinatown Coffee in Chinatown (probably closest thing to the Mall in this genre)

    Peregrine (also Buzz Bakery goods) at Eastern Market/Capitol Hill

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      Wow, thanks. Filter Coffee sounds great, as does Baked and Wired (I just looked at their web sites.) This is exactly the kind of info I was looking for.

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        Sorry, it's "Yola," not "Nola." They serve yogurt with toppings, and really good coffee.

    2. Consider Bourbon Coffee.

      I always get a latte so I don't know about their drip but I think it's worth checking out. Love their lattes and muffins are great also -- probably brought in from elsewhere but very good.

      1. Has anybody mentioned Swing's coffee yet? I don't go often and can't actually remember if I've had a non-espresso drink there -- but it would be worth you looking into. Chinatown Coffee does regular coffee really well, I think.

        1. Walking distance (although it isn't exactly right around the corner) is Baked and Wired in Georgetown. They have great baked good (and the best cupcakes in the city in my option) and good coffee and teas.

          Heading towards Dupont (again walking distance from your hotel...maybe a 10-12 minute walk) is Bread and Brew. They have very strong coffee and pretty good baked goods (croissants, bagels, muffins, cakes etc). They also have a good brunch and lunch options.

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            Both Yola and Filter are more serious coffee places than Bread & Brew, which is more of a restaurant. Just so the OP knows.

            1. re: hamster

              Yes more "serious" but they brew Counter Culture Coffee beans and it is stroooong!