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Jul 29, 2011 07:52 AM

Kaji on a Friday night

I want to go to Sushi Kaji tonight. I tried last weekend, but got the answering machine when wanting to make a reservation. Didn't have much faith in that, so went to Zen instead (nice). If I show up at 7pm or so, will I get a seat at the bar, for two? Or is it typically packed. Yes, I know, 7pm is a busy time anywhere. I just want a sense of how busy they get.


Sushi Kaji
860 The Queensway, Toronto, ON M8Z1N7, CA

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  1. A friend went recently on a Sunday and they were busy. Maybe tonight will be an exception, but my gut feeling is you need a reso.

    1. I've had the most luck walking in a bit later but it's weird that nobody answered the phone. I would keep calling till someone picked up.

      1. Thanks all. I figured because it's a long weekend, might not be as busy. I'll try calling between 3 and 5, as they suggest on their website.

        I have another question...about quantities of food. I'm going to do the $80 omakase, because I imagine it's fewer courses (is it?). My wife doesn't eat that much, so will go a la carte and I don't want to force her to watch me eat for a couple of hours or anything. Does that make sense?

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          there is no a la carte

          I find all 3 price points have similar portions of food, it's mainly the price of ingredients involved that differ between the 3.

          1. re: aser

            One of the people in our usual "Kaji club" is a woman with a small appetite and she finds the smallest omakase to be quite good. I can't agree that there is not more quantity of food in the other price points, but they way they do things there they manage the service time so that all diners in a party finish at the same time.

        2. I've made several reservation at Kaji by just leaving a message on their answering machine. They've always called me back that afternoon to confirm my reservation or let me know that the place was fully booked for my chosen time.

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          1. re: Rick Embro

            When I dine there, I always sit at the sushi counter and watch Kaji San making sushi and sashimi.
            Since about 2 years ago, he no longer serve different sushi/sashimi according to the price. The differences in the $80, $100 and $120 are in the cooked dishes only.
            They all have the same sushi and sashimi.