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Jul 29, 2011 07:32 AM

terrible restaurant names

The post on fried chicken below got me thinking about unsuitable names for eating places.
Apart from Stepney/Alaska/Kilburn Fried Chicken, the worst place I've come across is a place called Greedy Cow in Mile End...not that I went in there...
Anyone else seen any horrors?

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  1. I don't much like all those pubs called The Slug and the Lettuce.

    1. The Buttie Boys (Grey's Inn Road, London). I think I win the thread.

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      1. re: tavegyl

        Not sure what is wrong with The Buttie Boys, considering Buttie (Butty) means sandwich. Is it a cafe or sandwich place?

      2. Chickpizz in Stoke Newington

        1. There's a Chinese takeaway in Clapham called Hoover. And in terms of cheesiness, there's a cupcakery (awful word) called Cake That near me.

          1. Roganic. It's a bad pun, an anagram and a reference to 'organic' all in one.