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terrible restaurant names

The post on fried chicken below got me thinking about unsuitable names for eating places.
Apart from Stepney/Alaska/Kilburn Fried Chicken, the worst place I've come across is a place called Greedy Cow in Mile End...not that I went in there...
Anyone else seen any horrors?

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  1. I don't much like all those pubs called The Slug and the Lettuce.

    1. The Buttie Boys (Grey's Inn Road, London). I think I win the thread.

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        Not sure what is wrong with The Buttie Boys, considering Buttie (Butty) means sandwich. Is it a cafe or sandwich place?

      2. Chickpizz in Stoke Newington

        1. There's a Chinese takeaway in Clapham called Hoover. And in terms of cheesiness, there's a cupcakery (awful word) called Cake That near me.

          1. Roganic. It's a bad pun, an anagram and a reference to 'organic' all in one.

            1. There's a place in Tulse Hill called Thaicoons.
              Not been, don't think I ever will.

              1. I hate to be unravel your thread so quickly but the worst restaurant names for me are bland, unimaginative, unGoogleable -- recent examples close to home (that have closed) include "Three" and "Grill Art Cafe" and a place just opened called "Cafe Gourmet" . Cafe Gourmet, that's it's name. It's name is Cafe Gourmet.

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                  Out here on the Left Hand Coast in the Land of Los(t) Angels we have "Bar Food" as an example of the same ilk.

                2. Does Fatburger sound like something you would like to eat?

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                    uhhh, YES! it's a burger!?

                    that said, if it were named "DietBurger" i'd walk around it like a pestilence ridden beggar asking me to pay his childs tuition outside a KFC!

                  2. Knowfat Lifestyle Grill, a chain in the Boston area. Most locations have closed. Wonder why?

                    1. A place just opened near here that decided to call itself Sloppy Tuna. Too weird.

                      1. Tar Baby's Pancake House in Myrtle Beach. The sign (google it) is as appalling as it's name. I'm far from the most politically correct guy in the world but how this place can exist in 2011 is beyond me.

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                          Yikes. That is like the word golliwog over here.

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                            If kaleokahu gets wind of this there will be hell to pay... ;-D>

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                              On Sunrise or Oakland Park Blvd in Ft. Lauderdale there used to be a Thai restaurant called..................are you ready..........The Bangkok Inn..................I always chuckled when I drove by it..............and still chuckle thinking about it.

                            2. When I was recently in Newcastle, UK, I saw a Chinese restaurant simply called "Poon's."

                              1. Aunt Chilada's. Gross stupid play on words.

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                                  Better pun: there's a resto in Cleveland called Harry Corvair's.