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Jul 29, 2011 06:53 AM

Anyone tried Hank's Garage?

I saw the post on Eater about a new Belgian beer bar downtown named Hank's Garage. A quick check of the menu and I see 'duck fat frites' and Poutine. I'm very intrigued but with a new little one in the house, my opportunities for eating out these days are very rare. I was wondering if any hounds had tried it yet and if it's worth getting a sitter.

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  1. I did a quick stop by last week around happy hour time and the place was empty. That being said, they have a nice beer selection. I was having thouths about having a St. Bernardus Abt12 on tap but it was $15 which was quite steep...unitl i saw the pour, which was close to a full pint. Nice. I did have the duck fat fries, which were excellent. They give you the choice of a couple dipping sauses which i liked, i had the Dijonaise and the smoked paprika. Both were good, but i am kind of a potato purist so ate most of the fry's without. Since that was my only food/drink i can't speak for the rest of the menu. Worth a sitter? Depends on your love of all things fries but i like the atmosphere and those i know who have eaten there enjoyed it

    1. i stopped by the day after it opened...

      was hoping for some moules frites, but they were out of mussels by the end of the night... :(

      was hoping for a HUGE belgian beer selection, but it was alright... i guess as large as we can expect here...

      had the chicken tikka masala fries... think the fries themselves could be better, was expecting the fries i've had in belgium; high expectations i guess... the masala was on the sweet side for my taste buds, so didn't care for it... not much chicken, though i didn't mind that at all...

      the waiter recommended the beef carbonnade, though i wasn't in the mood for something that heavy... they've got lots of different sauces to eat your fries with, but again, i think the fries need to be better for this concept to work...

      had the cheese plate, which was EXCELLENT... they rotate the cheese selections, but i had a valdeon (spanish blue cheese), a semi firm spanish cheese and a soft french cheese. the waiter couldn't pronounce the last two, so i don't know what they were... but they were all great.

      the beer i had was good, and i'd prolly go back to check out the mussels...

      1. Ooh, this is good news. I've been seeing too many things about poutine on TV lately, and they've been making me miss Pommes Frites in NY. Also I heard that this place is right next to Skinny's, which is a great little bar/music venue. My band played there and the owner/staff were some of the nicest people I've encountered in town. Show em some support!

        1. Had a delicious lobster roll at Hank's Garage. Also, beer that the beer-meister helped me pick out - a Sahti Ale, that I actually liked. I told the beer meister that my favorite beer is Sam Adams Lite, and I don't like the really dark beers. Good service throughout meal (iced tea refills happened.)

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          1. re: sweet100s

            I was really curious about the lobster club. Could you describe it? Was wondering if it was worth it b/c it was only $12

            1. re: NirvRush

              I remember that...
              - there was a good amount of lobster for the cost
              - the mayo mixture holding it all together was not overly complicated
              - the brioche roll was delicious

          2. Went yesterday for sunday brunch but ordered off the regular menu. About 6 other tables were occupied around noon, and two guys were working the open cooking area. We wanted the lobster club, but they were "out" of lobster (Bourdain rec = don't order seafood on sunday anyway). Disappointed nonetheless. So I had the fish and chips and she had the burger with cheddar. The fish (cod) was a little tough akin to a very recent harsh thaw prior to cooking, just okay. The batter was okay. The frites cooked in duckfat were delicious (a buck 50 extra). The burger was excellent, with a good crust and you can tell they house grind the meat. really good bun as well. Oh, the sauces for the frites were good too (dill creme, dijonnaise, garlic aioli). The waitress says their chicken tikka masala frites are her favorite, we didn't try that. We'd go back for the duck fat, the burger, hopefully the lobster club, and the frites / sauces. Oh, their citrus vodka cocktail is a refreshing winner. can't recall its name.

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            1. re: slowcoooked

              Has anyone been recently? I'm particularly interested in the lobster club. As great as the one at Perla's is, I can't do $28 for a sandwich on a regular basis. Is it worth the trip from Cedar Park?

              1. re: Rene

                The lobster is tough, rubbery, and scant.

                Hank's has problems; it also has great promise. I hope they figure it out.

                1. re: tom in austin

                  I went last week and got the poutine; it was was good but really a little underwhelming. Every time I've had poutine (granted I haven't been to Canada), it's been in a cup. Hank's was more of just a pile in a wax paper lined basket like you'd normally get chicken strips in or what have you. My big gripe about this is that the cup keeps the fries and gravy hot. Sure, the bottom may get soggy, but that'll happen regardless, and there's not much worse than cold, soggy fries.

                  The staff, though, were awesome. Super, super nice people. I hope they get some good business down there and figure it out.