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Jul 29, 2011 06:08 AM

Zaydee's pickles

made a batch of homemade pickles this morning, thought you guys would like to see

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  1. looks like they'll be just right in about 10 days......................
    with my 14 year old those jars would last about 1 week.
    so, if I put the brisket in to pickle now it should be ready with the pickles for shabbos nachamu

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    1. re: bagelman01

      probably ready in a week. my 29 year old son and his two boys will knock them off in one sitting

      1. re: berel

        I figured 10 days as we like them towards full sour with deli.
        I'll be making mine mid August. Planyed late this year

        1. re: bagelman01

          price of kirby cucs has been high. I finally found them for .99 a lb this morning (not a great price but better than $1.19)

          1. re: berel


            Why don't you give us your recipe?

            1. re: robocop

              here's the recipe

              a one gallon jar
              approx 5 lbs of kirby cucs
              kosher salt
              pickling spice
              fresh garlic cut in pieces

              directions: put pickling spice, cut up garlic in bottom of jar
              fill gallon jar with pickles (make sure they don't float around (best to wedge them in but be careful not to squish or break them)
              I usually put a vertical batch at the bottom of the jar with a horizantel layer in the middle to top and fill in the "hole" at the top with the pickles anyway I can get them in (they shouldn't float). if I have gaps I use cut-up celery to fill them

              Brine: 4 teaspoons of kosher salt to 4 cups of water (quart)
              pour in the brine to the jar to the top
              seal the jar
              check water level in jar every couple of days (you may have to add some water)
              7-10 days Pickles!

              1. re: berel

                Can you pickle onions in this way? I've been trying to do onions for herring but they always come out too vinegar-y/ Perhaps without the vinegar altogether it will resemble the ones in Russ & Daughters?

                Also-- looks like you did not use canning jars-- how did you get these to seal airtight?

                1. re: menton1

                  you can "pickle" anything this way, I don't know how they will taste

                  I also pickle green tomatoes(from my garden) in September. They take at least 4-6 weeks to really pickle. They're 1000% better than any pickled tomato u can buy in a store

                  I don't make them airtight, the cucs actually release gas as they pickle and the jar needs "room" to expand , which is why the water gets pushed out and you have to add water a couple of days.

                  1. re: berel

                    Do you let them sit at room temp or in the fridge?

                    1. re: menton1

                      room temp till they're ready to eat. then the fridge. they won't pickle in the (or not as fast) in the fridge

                      1. re: berel

                        Ok. But I tried pickling tomatoes out of the fridge last year, and they spoiled!

                        1. re: menton1

                          green tomatoes or ripe tomatoes?

    2. the progress, 5th day