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Jul 29, 2011 05:39 AM

Ultimate Coconut Cake


I was wondering if anyone has ever made this from the MS recipe online. I have heard the original cake from South Carolina is quite good, but I wasn't sure how the MS recipe is. Is this cake worth the time and the expensive ingredients?

Here is the link for anyone interested:


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  1. It looks like it would be divine! For me, my grandmother made the best ones. Made from scratch with fresh coconut and 7-minute icing. The filling was lemon-kind of custardy. She only made this once a year, just like she did her Lane Cake, another Southern classic. Oh, if only I could taste those one more time...and her pies!

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      Thanks so much. Your grandmother's recipe sounds great. Has anyone else tried this recipe? Would love some advice before making it next weekend for a big birthday party.

    2. The linked recipe is from the Peninsula (she's posting it but it's from a demonstration on her show by the Peninsula chef) so I'm not sure what you're asking. The original Peninsula cake is very good - not "mind blowing" but a very good coconut cake. I've had the cake there and my wife later ordered one for home (if you think the ingredients are expensive, try ordering the cake - it's $100 + overnight shipping).

      1. I have made many coconut cakes, but this one sounds incredibly rich. Maybe too rich? I don't know. If you do make it, would you please report back on how it came out? I'd be sooooo curious!

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          It's extremely rich. The cake as prepared at the Grill weighs 12 pounds, 25% of which is butter.

        2. I just saw this one this morning and it looks incredibly awesome. And, it's called the "Ultimate Coconut Cake" no less:

          Take a look:

          1. I have been collecting coconut cake recipes and there are several out there that bill themselves as the ultimate. One decision that has to be made is whether to use white, yellow or chiffon cake.

            White is more traditional but I think a yellow cake would have more flavor. In Alton Brown's coconut cake recipe, he makes a flavored simple syrup with sugar and coconut water and spritzs the layers for more coconut flavor. I think I would definitely do that.

            Baking911's Sarah Phillips uses lemon or pineapple curd either between one of the layers or on top held in by some piped frosting. I really like the sound of the pineapple curd. It takes your cake on a tropical vacation.... sorta.

            Alton Brown uses fresh coconut and shaves it. That definitely seems to be the way to go.

            It would have to be a white frosting. Lots of choices there. Maybe a swiss meringue with a little coconut liqueur whipped into it?

            In conclusion, my version would be a yellow cake with coconut flavored simple syrup spritzed onto each layer. Use pineapple curd as a filler between layers. Use fresh coconut. Whip a little coconut flavored liqueur into a swiss meringue frosting.

            So decide what would be in YOUR ultimate coconut cake and make it. Good Luck.