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Jul 29, 2011 12:29 AM

Update on Brown Sugar Cafe?

While we have become S&I fans, we do have a coupon to use for this place .'09 was the most recent CH thread I could find with much about Brown Sugar. The recs in that thread were for the , crispy pork belly with chinese broccoli, the morning glory leaves, and country pad thai. anyone have more favs or not- to add? appreciate your help.

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  1. Groups from my office order in from BSC frequently and Country Pad Thai is a popular choice. It is too spicy for me however. I prefer the Brown Sugar Salad which is like a Thai chef's salad with peanut dressing and makes a nice lunch.

    1. I really really enjoy the crispy pad thai from Brown Sugar.

      Brown Sugar Cafe
      129 Jersey St, Boston, MA

      1. crispy watercress
        raw shrimp
        from a previous post I made
        They have the crispy double fried catfish, the crispy watercress salad with no description to let you know it is perfect.
        Forgive me forgetting the names but there is also a crispy black fish dish at the tail end of the appetizers we loved.
        In their special area they describe a citrus marinated raw shrimp dish with jalapenos which sounds like ceviche.
        I can tell you it is certainly not ceviche. The shrimp is still raw but abounding with the citrus elements
        Goong Chae Num Pla **
        Raw shrimp in very spicy fish sauce & lime dressing.

        I am certain this is what we had
        Numpik Gapi Pla Tu **
        Thai herbs spicy shrimp paste with Thai mackerel & steam vegetables.
        It was very much like prahok, an extreme taste but certainly not run of the mill

        1. We enjoyed it. Duck w/ morning glory leaves was my fav, w/ the dipping sauce being essential. Country pad thai much better than many others, though i really couldn't taste the slivered spicy tofu. Crispy Pork Belly w/ Chinese Broccoli was tasty but not at all spicy and the pork was the very toughest I've ever had (thrice fried might be accurate). Drunken Noodles were good but noth special. Wife's something or other (eggplant +)was a bit too hot spicy for me; otherwise a good pick. Friendly helpful service. Generous portions.Very popular with college groups.

          1. went yesterday to use our last GBH coupon. Everything was good but the really excellent dishes were the:

            --na tang; app. of ground pork and slivered veggies in unctuous coconut milk sauce, eaten with crispy rice cakes. really stellar; i'd get an entree portion next time! (i think there's a similar dish at Red Rock in Central Sq,)

            --morning glory leaves in black bean sauce. great texture,crunch and chew; thin cooking juices, not thick sauce; i think i even prefer these to pea shoots or watercress.

            -- thai coffee custard. creamy flan in a pool of thick sweet Thai coffee. perfection.

            btw, the website menu (numbering system)does not translate to the restnt in house menu (no numbers, just titles and descriptions.)

            Brown Sugar Cafe
            1033 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215

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              It never occurred to me to order dessert there. The flan sounds wonderful- I'll have to try it!