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Jul 28, 2011 07:35 PM

If you're a regular at the Union Square market...

are things looking somewhat...ominous? First, it looks to me as if there are fewer stalls, and I've been wondering if either some places went under or can't afford the gas to come into Manhattan. Second, I was taken aback by the scarcity of tomatoes and the puniness of the corn, which averages about 40% smaller than last year.

Union Square Greenmarket
Broadway and E 17th St, New York, NY 10003

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  1. What days are you going? I do agree that Monday and Wednesday can be light, but the past few Saturdays I've been have seemed to be packed. I haven't bought tomatoes there since May, but one vendor (sorry that I can't remember who!) had a ton then.

    I *always* buy my corn from FreshDirect—I do agree with you that the greenmarket corn is pretty puny. (If you're looking for great corn, FreshDirect's corn from Altobelli Family Farm is really tasty

    1. hi...i haven't noticed any falloff...still seems fun and yummy and crowded...i haven't seen the kimchi people in the last week though, but maybe i wasn't looking hard enough...

      re: tomatoes, well, i've stopped buying them there because too many times i've paid a frighteningly high amount and then gone home to make a salad and cut in a disgusting softball of heirloom mush that tastes like soggy corn, i'm not a fan of corn so i can't weigh in on that one :)

      the crucial things i buy there are eggs and sunflower greens...

      1. Saturdays seem as packed as always, though some weekdays are light. Might well be that some regular sellers are in trouble, On the other hand, there are many more Greenmarkets around the city these days, so some sellers might be elsewhere. Re: tomatoes. Way too early for the full crop of field-grown fruits--as of a week or so ago, just the beginnings. Wait till August and into September. Agree about some heirlooms: what's the big deal?

        1. Too early for tomatoes, and a bit too early for corn, as well. Corn peaks in August around here, and tomatoes not until September or so.

          The Saturday market has a many farmers as ever, and yes, there are now more markets, so perhaps some of the farmers you expected to see from past years might be in Tribeca, Brooklyn or on the Upper West Side...You can ask about a specific farmer at the Greenmarket booth in the market.

          1. At the local Long Island farm stands they are selling tomatoes from down South a bit.
            The local corn is at the stands and is fabulous. Great year for corn, sweet as sugar.
            If any of the Union Square farmers are from Long Island they should have great corn.