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Jul 28, 2011 07:04 PM

O'Brien's Inn, Waverly, NY.

Question - I know O'Brien's Inn is still open as an independently owned motel. When I was last there in the '70's (yeah, it's been a while), the place was very well known for their restaurant as well as the view.

Does anyone know if they still have a restaurant? My husband and I were thinking of going to O'Brien's in in the fall, but the area looks bleak for restaurants.


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  1. I just did a google search and from what I get, including O'Briens own website, it appears that there is only a bar/lounge in addition to the motel. I have been to the restaurant twice, the first in 1961 and the second in 1993, and the food was decent, not gourmet by any means, but perfectly acceptable, and the view was beautiful. Too bad it is no longer an option. I wish I could recommend something else in the area, but as you have found, the area is lacking in good restaurants.

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      Thanks very much for getting back so quickly. Much appreciated.

    2. I'm up there pretty often to visit the in-laws. Not much restaurant-wise, but Yanuzzi's in Sayre, PA (about a five-minute ride) has a killer huge filet mignon larded with garlic slivers. The rest of the food there is "ehh."

      1. Went to Obrien's a few years back. The views were fantastic! That is about all i can say about the place. Very old motel with few dining options close by. The door to the balcony is steel and the heat from the sun expands it which prevented us from opening it till 5PM. Odd? If you like scenic views this is the place to go. If you like comfort than it is not.