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Jul 28, 2011 06:24 PM

Whole Foods butcher.

Today I went to the meat counter at Whole Foods Glendale, and they refused to cut a 2" steak for me saying they already had too much in the case. Maybe it's just me, but why have a butcher if you refuse to accommodate requests? Shouldn't they just cellophane wrap everything and call it a day? I can't remember a butcher ever flat out refusing a request.

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  1. It has been my experience that the butcher counter at Whole Foods Glendale is shockingly bad. They refused to remove a wishbone from a whole chicken for me, and on another occasion messed up a large order of skewers. It's a very silly place.

    1. I hope you declined the pre-cut and went elsewhere. It's not like you were asking them to cut a piece to add to their display were moving product out their door. Silly.

      1. Next time go up to Schreiners and ask them to cut a steak for you. I bet they'll do it.

        1. I will never forget the first and only time I bought a hamburger from Whole Foods Glendale.

          The young girl began grilling my requested "medium rare" hamburger. Even though I protested she used her full body weight to press the juices out of the meat and severely over cooked the meat until it was a bone dry well done hamburger on a dusty bun. I almost protested to management that she ignored my pleas.

          Never again.

          At their prices, I ask myself if there are other alternatives. There are.

          Whole Foods either is "ain't what it used to be", or it never was what we thought it was.

          1. Did the cashier also refuse to ring up your order because it would mean refilling the receipt cartridge?