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Jul 28, 2011 06:08 PM


Looks interesting. Anyone been? Recommendations?? Might give it a try this weekend.

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  1. I've been there twice, highly recommend it. Menu is limited to a few breakfast items - omelettes, sausages (chicken and pork), bacon hash, steak and eggs, breakfast pastries, and perhaps a sandwich. However, everything tastes homemade, cooked to order and is extremely tasty. If they have the strawberry lemonade, definitely go for it. Great addition to that neighbourhood.

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    1. re: soko

      Thanks soko. I may head over this weekend. I read somewhere else about the strawberry lemonade. I will def order it if available.

      1. re: millygirl

        Had a lovely little brunch there this morning. Mushroom omelette and really nice greens on the side. Hubby had the bacon and eggs. Great coffee too! Sadly, no strawberry lemonade.
        The couple are very nice and the place is clean. I hope they succeed which I think they will. It was non stop busy while we were there.

        Def will return.

        1. re: millygirl

          best dish there? any musts? I want to hit it up this weekend

          1. re: jrex

            Not a huge menu. Omelets are wonderful.

            1. re: millygirl

              Do they have anything sweet on the menu like french toast or pancakes?

            2. re: jrex

              Had duck egg and confit hash which was delicious. Peach lemonade was quite good too. We weren't overly impressed with their cured salmon with pine nut & salad.
              The portion size is fairly small which works for me but not for everyone if you expect a hearty lunch/brunch.

                1. re: mrdtp

                  Hey all, spreading the that my reservation is secure Hammersmith's is doing a three course prix fixed dinner this Thursday night.

                  Menu details are posted on their website and it sounds great - choice of either seared speckled trout or braised short ribs for $35.

                  1. re: millygirl

                    "now that my reservation is secure"

                    ... I laugh, but I know what you mean :) There are times when you just can't share quite yet on these boards.

        2. I hate to rain on any parades but we tried this place when it opened and were disappointed We met the owner while walking by the night before and he showed us around and was very pleasant. We had such high hopes. I realize they had just opened but...the portions were small, even the toast. Our kids wanted more toast. My daughter's over easy eggs were cooked solid, my omelette was small and definitely inferior to omelettes at our usual places, the coffee was not great, the sausages expensive and unbelievably dry, bland and overcooked. The best part of the meal was the lemonade. All in all, we felt that $60 for two adults and two kids to eat breakfast and still be hungry was just too steep. We will stick with our favourite places: Vi Vetha, Buffet at Whitlock's, New York Cafe, Tulip, Leslieville Diner...

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          1. re: greenwoodgerrard

            Is your review of a visit sometime in June or July of 2011? Quite a few people like it, did you see the other threads?

            1. re: foodyDudey

              I did see them and was surprised because I am not THAT picky. Yes it was July 2011. And I left out the part about how hot and smelly/greasy it was because it is not their fault they did not have A/C yet. I am sure they have added many things to the menu (there was no press coffee when we were there). It is never good to judge a place when they are really new but the prices and my kids' disappointment will prevent us from returning for a family breakfast or brunch.

          2. Just went for brunch this weekend.

            The duck plate - duck egg, confit hash - was excellent. The scones were also delicious - both the chocolate and the apple. The bacon omelette with salad was also nicely done.

            The staff were also nicely accommodating of a not-quite-two year-old, providing some sliced apple and scrambled egg on request.

            The main downside was the price. Three adults plus a toddler came to $84 with tip and taxes. Seems a bit steep, even given the quality ingredients. Will likely go back, but not when the budget is tight.


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            1. re: Dr. John

              Don't order confit hash next time and it should be cheaper! :-)

              That is steep for a brunch, but seems like something that can be prepared at home for a fraction of the price.

            2. I really wanted to try this place. In the fall, we went there one Monday morning, only to find it locked up with no signs of life stirring. This was a big disappointment and I haven't bothered to try again. Restaurants should honour their posted hours, or make sure their posted hours are correct.

              I see that the website currently says the restaurant's closed on Mondays, but at the time I went, in October, it most definitely said open Mondays.

              1. Just had lunch there today. I only found out about this place, even though I pass it every time I visit my doctor, while reading the messages on the best cupcakes in Toronto discussion. Traffic was quite light on Gerrard today due to a road closure from the high school to Broadview. The place is clean and bright with about 4 stools at the counter and about 6 tables (a mix of tables that seat 2 or 4 people). The only one working there today was the owner/chef. His menu changes SOMETIMES daily, but usually weekly. I ordered the asparagus plate @ $12 and it was very nice. It was an asparagus mousse that covered a soft boiled egg salad in a small bowl, on a plate was 5 asparagus spears sauteed in butter with a red pepper coulis on the side and a small mound of a mixed greens and green bean salad with a mustard vinaigrette. It also came with 2 baguette slices (for the mousse-egg mixture). My only disappointment was it was all gone before I knew it. However it was filling for me and on a hot day like today it suited the weather. I also had an iced tea (warning it's NOT sweetened, but there is a bottle of simple syrup you can use to sweeten it) that was refreshing and I finished the meal with a cupcake. It was a chocolate cupcake with a very light and airy vanilla buttercream frosting. Lightly sweetened. The cake itself was moist and chocolatey. Total cost with tip was $25. I will definitely go back and next time I'll bring the wife.

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                1. re: scarberian

                  Hey scarberian, I just wrote about the asparagus mousse dish yesterday. Divine, isn't it.

                  I thought I was going crazy because I didn't see my post but I now see there are 2 Hammersmiths threads going.

                  Anyways glad to hear you enjoyed a lovely meal. Jealous!!

                  1. re: millygirl

                    That mousse is something else. It just works with the egg. I had to sparingly use it with the bread so I would have some left to just eat on it's own. I actually left it last to eat on my plate. I'd like to try his braised beef sandwich next time, but then I would also like to try his omelettes. I only have one stomach and too many things I want to eat, oh the dilemma.

                    1. re: scarberian

                      Looks like you might have to go on a more regular basis :)

                      1. re: kwass

                        I'm not sure if any place is worth enduring traffic hell during road maintenance/replacement season. it was a total mess trying to get to my doctor's today and then trying to get out of the area.

                  2. re: scarberian

                    Aww, so glad you discovered this little gem. I totally love the food there. Glad you got a cupcake! Try the chocolate chip cookie next time. And the scone plate is a perfect way to start a brunch. :)

                    1. re: scarberian

                      I went once and was thoroughly impressed but found it over priced and with a bland atmosphere.

                      I often frequent the Mad Dog cafe the next block east, for a little simpler, but always delicious brunch.

                      1. re: craigger

                        I found their prices, considering the quality of the food and it's execution, to be mostly fair. If it was, say simple bacon and eggs and the bacon was your run of the mill water cured bacon then yeah the prices would be unacceptable, but the duck plate for $13, that's pretty reasonable. Duck, raw, from a butcher shop is quite pricey. I only cook duck breast or the legs on special occasions.

                        As for the atmosphere, I guess it's all about individual tastes. I thought the place quite quaint in that diner-esque aspect. I don't think they're trying to be some hip joint. I was only one of 5 customers there and it was quite calming. He had his own playlist playing on a cracked iPod touch speaker system. Mellow indie stuff. He interacted with his customers and warmed up more after I asked him some questions about his menu during my meal.