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Is It Ollallieberry Season yet?

And if so, anyone know where I can get a good Ollallieberry Pie or Crisp?

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    1. Polly's Pies (several locations) often will have it as a seasonal pie (but I don't see it on their website currently, so I'd call them).

      1. Jongeward's Bake 'n Broil in Long Beach makes a great one, the season for it is short though.

        Bake 'n Broil
        3697 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA 90807

        1. Yes Ollalieberry season is really short. I was calling Bake N Broil in early June to find out when they would have the pies. I went twice in mid June for the most delicious pies. Good luck.

          1. boy...if I had a nickle for everytime somebody asked me that question.

            Nothing to contribute but am watching your responses. :)

            1. I think the season has come and gone. I bought them three weeks in a row at the Hollywood Farmer's market back in early/mid June but they haven't had any since then. The season is pretty short.

              Pie N Burger makes a good Ollallieberry Pie when they can get the Ollallieberries. They never got any last year though and when I stopped by in June this year they didn't have any and weren't sure that they were going to get any.

              I have enough to make a pie in my freezer but I'm not sharing! Good luck in your search but you are probably waiting until next June.

              1. Linn's up in Cambria still had fresh ones in early July. Of course the season is probably longer up there, another good excuse for a road trip!

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                    i agree - i was there a couple years ago and i will never live down buying a mini pie to share with my husband, taking "just a bite" while he was napping, and then polishing off the whole thing. so good i couldn't stop!

                    i do think the local season is over though - haven't seen them at the market in weeks.

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                      So sad that I can't find pie like that down here. I've looked and been mostly disappointed.

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                        linn's will mail them to you fully baked, frozen, or in a kit you can assemble your own, but i haven't tried any this way, only fresh from the source. the muffin stuffed with cream cheese and berry compote is also delicious. please report back if you order some!

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                    Frozen Linn's pies are in the frozen food section at Albertson's up in Buellton near Solvang. I think they're around $12 each. If they were smart they'd bring them to the Albertson's in Southern California too.
                    Linn's mail order sells Olallieberry Pie Filling in big jars and it's excellent. Just pour into your own pie crust and bake.

                  3. The berries we grow out back finished coming in about 2 weeks ago. Short, short season but really tasty again this year. (I make preserves and pies with ours.)

                    1. Ollallieberries are abundant up in the Santa Cruz area (I'm here right now) but from what I've been told, July is the season. One will still see things with these berries offered, but at this point, I'm guessing it's probably frozen product or maybe tail end of the season product. I hope to drop by at least one of the local FMs and will report on what I find...

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                        I searched a couple of local bakeries (Kelly's, The Buttery), the SC Farmer's Market on Cedar and a diner (Linda's Seabreeze), and no one had fresh ollallieberries but did see a couple of pastries with ollallieberries. The season has come and gone. One lady at the FM confirmed that the season kicks in full swing in July.

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                          While getting our meat fix at Corralitos Market we stumbled upon a bunch of pies made by Gizdich Ranch in Watsonville. They did have ollallie berry so we brought it back, heated it up and really liked it. My daughter doesn't usually like berry pies but she scraped every last bit of this pie off of her plate. The season is definitely over, but the supply of frozen must still be around.

                      2. I have found that the season starts mid June. I call Bake N Broil in early June to find out when the pies are available. PIe N Burger hasn't seemed to have them the past two years. This will be an annual event for me, so I might post here next June.