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No Children Allowed Restaurants in Toronto

Some restaurants are making news lately by enacting a policy that prohibits children from the establishment. Are there any places in Toronto that have this policy?

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  1. While there are numerous restaurants that aren't exactly child-friendly, I don't think I've ever seen one that explicitly prohibits children. I'd like to see if there are any, so that I don't accidentally ever give them any business.

    1. Folks, as is probably clear, kids in restaurants is a pretty hot-button issue for a lot of people. We'd like to ask that responses to this thread focus on answering the question about whether there are any restaurants in Toronto that have a no-kids policy. Commentary about whether kids do or don't belong in restaurants is off topic for our regional boards.

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        A suggestion: Instead of starting a list of restaurants who don't encourage people to bring children with them, why not call the restaurant you contemplate going to and ask if children are welcome ?

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          It would save a lot of needless phone calls if there was a list here. I know I would use it and I there are probably others who would as well.

      2. There are the pub/lounge type operations which can restrict by age....eg. http://www.clubcrawlers.com/toronto/n... Not sure that's what you are looking for, but that would be kid restricting.....

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          It's something that has started happening (especially in fine dining restaurants), where, say, children under the age of 6 are not allowed in the restaurant. It doesn't really refer to establishments like bars where you must be the legal drinking age or "mature" bars where you have to be over 21.

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            Nevertheless, to answer the OP there are restaurant operations in Toronto where one can have a meal and not be bothered by kids at the next table.....

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              I don't think that's what the OP is asking. This is a topic that has once again come up after a number of establishments have begun instituting a "no children" policy.

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                  I think the OP's question is fairly clear, isn't it?

        2. Quinn's Steakhouse in the Sheraton Centre doesn't allow kids in after a certain time - it's either 8 or 9. But they can sit in the Shopsy's and order off the Quinn's menu. I've not eaten there but learned this when family was visiting and staying at the Sheraton last week.

          My sister was joining me for an event that night so my brother in law took the kids, 6 and 9 out for a lateish dinner. He said the food was good but they were sort of abandoned in the Shopsy's by the server. They'd eaten a late lunch and said they didn't want dinner and then decided to do something in the hotel. Apparently they waited almost an hour for food to show up, which sucks even more with a cranky kids.

          Quinn's Steakhouse & Bar
          96 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON M5H, CA

          1. since the shoeless joes opened on king @ john, they have similcast horse racing through woodbine which would mean children are not allowed in. goes for any off track operation.