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Jul 28, 2011 02:53 PM

Looking for a restaurant with a private room between Lake Worth and WPB

I need help locating a restaurant between Lake Worth (east side) and WPB that has a private room where I can hold a meeting on a Thursday afternoon at 4:30. The food and drinks have to be good but reasonably priced as this is a mixed crowd. We generally hold our meetings in the private room at Cabanas in Delray Beach, but this time we need to move it further north to accommodate some of the participants. We've tried Havana in the past but the room was a tad too small and a few are now seeking something other than Latin food. We are a group of 13, some who will drink, others won't. Most will order dinner, a few won't. Eating in an area that's out in a main dining area, even if set apart, won't work...we need a private room. I know that Mortons and Bellagio in City Place have private rooms but that's more upscale than my crowd will want to pay for. Any suggestions?

6525 Bellaggio Lakes Blvd, Lake Worth, FL 33467

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  1. orchids of siam thai forest hill and congress

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