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Jul 28, 2011 02:18 PM

Soft Shell Crabs

Anyone know the best place for MSP for some soft shell crabs? Saw an article on the Chicago Tribune website that got me in the mood, though a trip down there isn't in my immediate future.


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  1. Coastal carries them.
    Sea Salt offers them in a sandwich.

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    1. I have been enjoying mighty fine soft shell crab sandwiches from the Chef Shack at the Mill City Farmer's Market on Saturday. Great place to do shopping and eating. I haven't been to this market for the past two weeks, though, so not sure if they are still on the menu. If they aren't, I highly recommend the pulled pork nachos. Or any special they are running. I tell you, when they had the soft shell crab sandwich with ramp aioli, well, pure heaven.

      Mill City Farmer's Market
      750 2nd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55402

      Chef Shack
      No formal address, Minneapolis, MN

      1. The new Blue Point Restaurant in Bloomington has soft shell crab on their menu

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          how is the new blue front? anyone been?

        2. Somewhere out of season at this point, but as KT noted, Coastal has them and had them 2 weekends ago in three sizes.

          Big agree with RP, the softshell crab sandwich at Chef Shack is outstanding,

          1. Shaung Cheng in Dinkytown does a great dish of a large soft shell crab in ginger and scallion sauce. They'll make it many different ways, but that's my fave.