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Jul 28, 2011 02:17 PM

Do you remember what's in your freezer?

I'm fairly new to this site, hope I'm not repeating past subjects, but thought I'd seek a possible solution to my problem of cooking or buying wonderful things, placing them in the freezer then forget they're in there. Best I can research, this seems to be a universal problem. I've searched around for inventory plans, apt's etc, but all seem to be to combersom with lots of entering of info, etc. Is there a simple solution somewhere I am just not aware of? thanks

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  1. Dry erase board on the freezer door with a list of what I put in there and the date.

    1. Besides a list, Dry erase board is a great idea, try designating shelves for types of items.

      I know the top shelf of our kitchen freezer is boxed items such as blintzes, pierogoes and Lean Cuisine

      2nd shelf is Ice cream, ice pops, etc

      3rd shelf is cooked food in freezer containers or bags

      Drawers are bags of vegetables

      Door shelves are:


      2nd-- Butter and margarine

      3rd-- hot dogs, kielbasa

      bottom--bread, English muffins

      The pantry freezer is for raw meat

      Top shelf-ground meat

      2nd-Beef roasts

      3rd-steaks, chops

      4th cut up poultry

      bottom, whole chickens, turkey breasts, duck

      We also have a back up freezer in the garage that is used when we are planning a large gathering. Place to put those cheap turkeys in the fall, bags of ice, bounty from the summer garden, etc. That sheet size ice cream cake that won't fit elsewhere. We don't keep this freezer running all the time, just as needed

      This way I can tell at a glance if I'm low on a category.

      The list will tell me how many steaks and what variety I have, but just opening the door and looking at the 3rd shelf will let me know if I have steaks or chops.

      works for us. I update the lists about every 10 days, as I can't rely on family to update everytime they use one item.

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          Holy Cow! thegforency---the thread you refered me to is amazing!---I don't feel so bad now that I've read how bad others experiences have been with hoarding food in their freezers. I said before in my original question that I thought this was a universal problem, now I am convinced. Hopefully someone will come up with a simple solution---I like the dry eraser board idea, and will give it a try, also the other suggestion about using different shelves for various foods is good but I am already doing that, and still losing things. I think maybe some of the problem is we're lazy when it comes to keeping written inventories with an in and out inventory system. Thanks for all the suggestions.

          1. re: fishnet101

            Just please don't let things go to waste! That would really be a shame.

        2. Besides the list outside the freezer, even more important is to properly package, label, and date each food item you put into the freezer and then manage the inventory accordingly. I made a concerted effort at this beginning about three years ago and it would help even more if I got better cooperation from other members of our household. (I have acquired a new, but so far seldom used moniker, the "Freezer Nazi")

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            I don't actually keep that much stuff in the freezer so things tend not to get lost. But I agree, labeling is key. We keep a couple of sheets of 1" x 2" white stick-on labels on the fridge door at all times, which not only makes labeling easy, it also gives my wife's collection of refrigerator magnets something to do.

          2. The dry erase board method works for me. Otherwise, out of sight, out of mind. It is easy to do and is right THERE.