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Jul 28, 2011 01:21 PM

Rooftop 120, Glastonbury, CT

I was over at Erik Town Square today and noticed that there is a sign up for the rooftop reataurant/bar that had been plan for the top floor. The sign says Rooftop 120 and it appears that they have a website and Facebook page. I am not sure but from the website it appears this is going to be more of a bar/nightclub than restaurant. It shows appetizers, stone breads and desserts. It also mentions tapas though none show up on the website menu. It may be that they are still wokring on it. A link to their website is below. Any one know more about the place? Jay

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  1. I heard that it was going to be a Martini Bar owned by the owners of Eric Town Square, which seemed odd to me, as its success could cannibalize some of the bar business of their existing tenants, like Sakura and more specifically, Plan B. The whole idea seems very "1995" when Martini and Cigar Bars were all the rage. I think (and hope) that we are passed that.

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      Thanks for the update as this place has been on the radar. Still looking foward to the Irish pub opening. Has anyone heard of any recent developments?

    2. I moved out of CT 4 years ago after living there for 50 yrs.
      where is Erik Square?

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        Glastonbury, corner of New London Tpke and Hebron Ave. Mixed use development: restaurants, retail, businesses.

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          It is a new complex of stores, offices and restaurants between New London Turnpike and Main Street. There was a series of older office buildings there that were knocked down for this complex. It backs up to the old Parma Restaurant which has just opened as a new Irish pub. Lots of changes in town, mnay for the good. Jay

          Main Street Cafe
          345 Main St, Great Barrington, MA 01230

        2. I have looked at the photos on their Facebook page and it looks like it will be a nice place to relax with a drink and a small bite to eat. My big concern is that with Bricco, Sakura, Plan B and the new Irish Pub abutting the property, there is going to be a HUGE parking problem. It is already tough to find a space on a Wed. or Thurs. evening.

          1. Hi, anyone been yet? We were there this week, and as expected parking was crazy...we had about a 20 minute wait for a table so a glass of wine and mojito, which was nothing special. We had quite a long wait to get dinner once we were seated, which I totally understand when you go somewhere new, but they didn't seem all that concerned about it and pretty blasé attitude from our server. We had the filet and the fish tacos. Filet was good and a pretty generous portion. Tacos were a disappointment. The fish was tasty, but the slaw they put on it was pale and tasteless. Considering we are in the high season for local produce, it was really bad, not a drop of flavor. It was served with neon red tortilla chips. A good size portion, they just need to really work on the flavor. Overall it's a nice setting and sitting outside was a plus. We probably won't be back for a while till they get their service and food really down, but curious what others think?