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Jul 28, 2011 01:12 PM

Grand Szechuan Plymouth

2 visits to this spot that was formerly Red Pepper. Great M - F lunch deals. Very nice serving size, plus great soup and so-so eggroll and salad all for $6.00. Tried something new, Fish Flavor Pork, very nicely seasoned, a bit more veggies than Shredded Pork Peking Style. I'll repeat that dish often. On first visit had a very nice rendition of Sweet and Spicy noodles (cold), could be addicting. Mini buns (soup dumplings) very tasty.
Drove by Little Szechuan (West End) and they looked like they were ready to open.

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  1. Went last week, and was really happy. This is a Plymouth outpost of the well regarded place in Bloomington:

    We were one of only two tables in the place, hopefully business picks up! The food was great, the service was friendly.

    1. Is this the address? Please put addresses in your posts.
      187 Cheshire Ln N
      Plymouth, MN 55441

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        That is the address! Didn't have it handy when I posted. Their website is

      2. I've eaten lunch here a couple times as it is the only halfway-decent option in a sea of suburban garbage near my office.

        Dan dan noodles were actually on-par with Little Szechuan & Tea usual companion likes the orange beef but the soups are forgettable except for their portion. They honestly bring you, like, a gallon of noodles for $6. If my office had a nap room, I would love it, but since they do not, I feel guilty wasting so much food.

        But like I said, it is the best thing between itself and the crosstown.

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          Try the full menu, steering clear of the standard Chinese lunch options. It's a great place!