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Jul 28, 2011 12:16 PM

Storage of Dehydrated Foods

I just bought a dehydrator. I have lots of extra veggies from the CSA and my freezer is small. I thought a dehydrator is the way to go - I can have a full pantry of soup ingredients for the winter. Does anyone have any experience in storing dehydrated foods? Years ago I did it and wound up with a 5 year long grain moth infestation. I would like to avoid that. One of my daughters suggested plastic bags inside sealable plastic boxes further sealed with duct tape. Does anyone have other ideas?

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  1. Had the same moth problem as you, a few years back. I also just got into the habit of triple packaging everything, and even then, found a few buggies--they're amazingly persistent.

    1. Freeze the dehydrated suff. Won't take up as much room as freezing in the first place, and keeps the bugs out.