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Jul 28, 2011 11:37 AM

Fantastic Indian Food? Anywhere in MI

Hi, I'm located in Lansing, but seeking recommendations for fantastic Indian food & will travel. I'm really jonesing for great Indian ever since my last trip to San Francisco two years ago. Help!

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  1. My knowledge of authentic Indian cuisine is pretty pedestrian, but I have enjoyed several meals at Sindhu on Hagadorn in East Lansing. I have heard that Mumbai is quite good, as well. Have you tried either of these, and, if so, do they qualify as satisfactory?

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    1. re: tokyo

      I've been to both Sindhu & Mumbai for the lunch buffets & they were okay, but not as authentic & amazing as I was hoping for. But, maybe I should order off the menu & skip the buffet?

    2. In west suburban Detroit, try Neehee's in Canton on Ford Rd. Vegetarian chaats and other street-style Indian food, generally ranging from good to great.

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      1. re: Jim M

        This. I love Neehee's, though it's still a lengthy (45 minutes?) trip for me from Waterford. Still, Donna and I will go there several times a year, work around the menu a bit, but the dosa is always a winner.

        I am (and will always be) an avowed carnivore, but when I go to Neehee's, I don't miss the meat at all. Great flavor is great flavor, period, and they accomplish that in spades. JanPrimus turned me on to the place, and I'm so glad he did.

        Cannot stinking *wait* for them to open another location or two.

            1. re: JanPrimus

              Add me as Neehee's fan. At least as good, and perhaps the best, Indian food I've had anywhere in the USA. Like others, I'm a carnivore but I don't have a whiff of regret when eating from their menu.

          1. re: Jim M

            Does anyone know what happened at Neehee's in Canton? I drove by last night and it was boarded up - There was a sign, but I couldn't read it from the road.

            1. re: jmax

              Closed for two weeks - remodeling.

              1. re: rainsux

                What?!?!??!? Was there a fire or something? They just opened their new digs within the last couple of years!

                1. re: boagman

                  No idea. Just reporting the message on their answering machine. Perhaps they are
                  expanding, again?

              2. re: jmax

                Some woman backed her SUV through the (all glass) front of the place, causing major damage. That was June 21. They're now closed for another week or so for repairs. It's being called an accident, but I'm not so sure it looks accidental-- though maybe mechanical malfunction.

                Co Owner Vrijesh Patel posted video from their security cameras-- scroll down from here:


                1. re: ak994

                  Doesn't Neehee's own Curry on Crust? Also, Royal Indian took over Haandi in Livonia...they have coupons on miindia...miindia is great for special buffets, grand openings, coupons and menu browsing.

              3. re: Jim M

                I like Indian but never tried vegetarian. I HATE tofu. This was back on the 16th before the accident. I went in, didn't have a clue as to what the menu said so I just asked the young man (he talked like he was one of the owners) to order for me. He ordered Paneer chilli and Chole Bhature???? I took it home, and experienced the most extraordinary Indian meal I ever had. Hands down. I swore that the "meat" in the Bhature was chicken. I even took a piece and broke it open to check out the texture. I knew that it had to be tofu but I just couldn't believe it. I'm absolutely sold. This was the best, freshest, Indian fare of my life; I'm absolutely sold.
                P.S. Sorry Detroit hounds, I've been a little silent lately. I'll try to pitch in a little more.

                1. re: SonyBob

                  We've noticed. We've missed you. I assumed that perhaps you were being held hostage at DJB.

                  1. re: SonyBob

                    SonyBob, you sound *just* like I did before I went.

                    I was tempted to try it, but like you, I despise tofu, and for me, vegetarian dining to that point had not only been disappointing, it had made me downright vitriolic towards all things vegetarian/vegan/hippie-esque. After JanPrimus told me that he "honestly didn't miss the meat" when he was there, I figured that, just like going to the opera, I *had to* try it, just to tell all of the idiots out there who insisted that vegetarian could be good when done well, that they were chock full of crap.

                    I showed up (this was at the old, small, *very* bare bones location) and rolled my eyes like you wouldn't believe. Still, onward. I'm very motivated when I have the freedom to *earn* my place to call others out on their crap, so like you, I asked the owner (one of them) what he would recommend based on my tastes, spice preference, and such.

                    And boom goes the dynamite.

                    Never in my life had I experienced vegetarian fare that was anywhere *close* to being what I would consider to be "tasty". The stuff I had that night was just awesome (I know I had a masala dosa, and something else, but I can't remember what) for *any* type of cuisine. Flavors up the yin-yang, great textures, and just as JP had indicated: never *once* thought that meat was needed, even for flavoring purposes! Magic, says I.

                    Glad you're a fan. They've been talking about opening up a satellite/location in Troy for quite some time now, and I'm just biding my time until they do. In the meantime, I have to travel to Canton from Waterford to get my fix, and I've not been disappointed yet.

                2. Here are some other thoughts with which I'm aligned

                  ...I thought the admittedly knowledgeable writer was a little tough on Ashoka and Royal Indian Cuisine, but if I were coming alone (i.e., could only sample two dishes) all the way from Lansing, I'd be pretty picky and want "sure things." I'd be mad if one or both of my dishes were unimpressive, and there's a chance that would be the outcome a most of DTW's Indian places (even though there are some very good dishes here and there).

                  I also love the lamb stews at Zayeqa. Recent discussion (of several):

                  Royal Indian Cuisine
                  3877 Rochester Rd, Troy, MI 48083

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                  1. re: VTB

                    thanks all! I'm a member on a young professionals organization and we frequently travel out of the greater Lansing area in search of various cuisines. It's been awhile since we dined at an Indian restaurant and I figured it was best to ask the opinions of some experts, rather than simply rely on urban spoon or yelp! Thanks again.

                    1. re: lleeds823

                      I'm not a expert on Indian cuisine, but I know what Indian food that I've had that I liked. I'd like to mention Rangoli in Auburn Hills. It has received several "best of" awards from Hour Magazine and Metro Times over the years.

                      Their Coconut Garlic Shrimp appetizer is great, as is their Jingha Saagwala for an entree. Their butter chicken is also excellent.



                      1. re: BobRe

                        +1 for Rangoli

                        Also, if you are interested in chaats, there's an Indian grocery store (Subzi Mandi) near the Walmart in Troy that sells chaats. I've only had regular samosas there, cheap and good, but the chaats look interesting.

                      2. re: lleeds823

                        Be aware Neehee's is more of a cafeteria type dining room. Bright, small tables that get wiped down in 6 seconds when you leave. The Flavors though....are all +++++++

                        1. re: JanPrimus

                          We're fine w/cafeteria style, as long as the food is good! :D

                          1. re: lleeds823

                            It most certainly is. I was there tonight, and once again, it was great. I had the masala dosa, and left happy again.

                      3. re: VTB

                        Ashoka in Rochester > Ashoka in Canton from my limited experience at each

                        1. re: Foog

                          Adithi in Madison Heights > Ashoka in Rochester, in my limited experience. But I eat at Phulkari Punjabi most of the time now anyway.

                      4. Being English, I love my curries, and two places stand out in my new home town of Ann Arbor. The first is Shalimar, a restaurant on Main Street. Great sit down place, with a broad menu - I love their vindaloo, naans, and butter chicken.

                        The other place is a hole-in-the-wall at the back of an Indian grocery store on Broadway (just north of the city, by Plymouth Road). It's basically one guy making your curry from scratch for less than $10. I think the place has 1 table.

                        For a quick lunch fix, I go to the place on Broadway. For a more refined meal, I go to Shalimar.

                        Shalimar Restaurant
                        307 S. Main Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

                        1. Delightful new chaats place in Ann Arbor (Platt & Packard). Hut-K goes for lighter offerings, that feature whole grains and wonderful vegetables.