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Jul 28, 2011 11:11 AM

NASHVILLE, TN What to do!?? Where to go???What to eat!!??

I'm going to be in Nashville for the weekend and wanted to know some awesome places to go. I love adventure, quirky, weird, hole in the wall, fabulous, anything goes as long as its not boring and and mass produced!

Any suggestions??!!?? Please HELP I don't know anything about Nashville!

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  1. I've not seen quite so many caps, exclamation marks, and multiple questions marks in a single post ... is it not possible to ask a question without yelling?

    Have you read any of the previous threads about Nashville? Lots of good suggestions on those.

    For unique to Nashville, Hot Chicken. Prince's is the originator, Boulton's and 400 Degrees also good.
    For barbeque, head south of town to Nolensville to Martin's.
    For meat-n-3, Monell's or Arnold's.
    For the best restaurant in town, with a casual vibe and amazing food, City House.
    For 5-star Southern, Capitol Grille.
    For coffee/funky cafe food, Fido.
    For dessert, Las Paletas, either in 12South or next door to Fido at Hot & Cold.
    To say you've been to a Nashville Institution, Pancake Pantry.
    For ethnic food ... well, you're not really coming to Nashville for ethnic food, are you? Still, lots of good choices, holler if you want 'em.

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      I feel the punctuation draws for more response!!!! I yell, yes! And I decided to leave tomorrow and know absolutely nothing about Nashville and don't want to screw up and not see and eat it well.

      Thanks for the quick response! Enthusiasm is better than boring!

    2. No trip to N'ville is complete without a trip to the County Music Hall of Fame. Seriously, it's incredible. While you're there you might want to try the BLT with fried green tomatoes.