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Jul 28, 2011 10:49 AM

White wine vinegar vs red wine vinegar?

I have this recipe that I really want to try, but it calls for white wine vinegar and I only have red wine vinegar. Are the two interchangeable, or not?

Here's the recipe. If I want to replace the white wine vinegar, here's what I have at home:
Red wine vinegar
Lemon juice
Kombucha vinegar
Citric acid
Balsamic vinegar
Verjuice (unripe grape juice


Which of those would probably work best in the recipe?

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  1. Red tastes considerably different but in that recipe I bet it would work fine. IMO, it's the best substitute that you have available.

    1. Given the Nicoise vibe in that salad, I think I'd go for the Verjus (sp?) with maybe a little lemon juice. Of course the red wine vinegar would work, just wonder if it might discolor the potatoes a little?

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        I don't mind discoloring the potatoes. I'm not sticking to that recipe exactly either- I'm using marinated yucca blossoms (which taste like marinated artichoke) instead of the artichoke, and not sure yet if I'm adding the olives.