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Jul 28, 2011 10:18 AM

Stale nuts

I have a bunch of stale cashews and almonds in my cupboard, and need some advice as to what to do with them. Are they still good to use or should I chuck the lot?

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  1. By stale do you mean not so crispy or rancid?

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      1. re: vusi22

        roast 'em. However, if they've gone over to the bitter tasting side, there's no resurrecting that.

    1. If they taste off, pitch 'em. There are few things worse than rancid nuts. But if they're just soft, you can use them in pilafs or toast them.

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      1. re: Isolda

        I keep rancid nuts around in the freezer until winter, then put them out for the squirrels. I do not know if rancid fats present health risks to rodents as they do to humans, but if so, that's what they get for raiding and destroying the bird feeders even though I put out corn and other seeds for the bushytailed visitors.