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Jul 28, 2011 10:15 AM

Heading to Chincoteague Island VA this weekend..

Hey all... I know the area isnt well known for the greatest restaurants in the world.. But if anyone could give me a few suggestions it would be much appreciated.. I am also gonna be doing some cooking on my own, so if there are any produce stands, meat markets, or fresh seafood markets that i should see please help me out.. I love all foods, and I am open to anything.. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

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  1. We were just there a couple of months ago and liked Captain Zack's seafood. We did take out but you can also buy the fish, etc. to cook yourself. It's off the main street towards Assateague. They overwhelm you w/ mediocre fries but the hush puppies are very good. I think this time of year, you'll have a better selection, too.

    1. We have a house at Chincoteague and get there as often as we can. For breakfast and lunch Bill's on S. Main Street is good, but we no longer go there for dinner since they have gone "black tie & white tablecloth." Etta's on Eastside Drive is a better bet and has great waterfront views and terrific crab dishes. Ray's Shanty is on the road from the mainland to Chincoteague (VA 175) and has good crabcakes, shrimp and excellent softshells in season. Other than the steamed shrimp, they are heavy on the fried seafood. If you go to Ray's, go early because the wait can be awful. Sadly, we can no longer recommend the former Island Family Restaurant on Ridge Road in its latest incarnation as "Mr. Baldy's." We also like J&B Cold Cuts (S. Main) for subs and the Sea Star Cafe (N. Main) has good sandwiches and salads. There are two good ice cream places on the island, Island Creamery on Maddox Boulevard (homemade, hand-packed) and our favorite, Mr. Whippy (soft-serve) also on Maddox. Also on Maddox at the circle is Woody's BBQ & Chicken shacks w/ good pulled pork & ribs with different sauces (NC, Memphis, etc.) and fried chicken. Famous Pizza is OK, and Saigon Village on N. Main Street is an interesting change of pace, but can't recommend the Chinese or Mexican in town. If you go to the Carnival Saturday night an oyster or clam fritter sandwich is a delicious tradition.

      The seafood market next to Fresh Pride supermarket on Cleveland Street has good crabs. His & Hers Seafood on Maddox has terrific fresh shrimp and fish. The produce stand out at T's Corner (next to the entrance to Food Lion at the intersection of US 13 and VA 175) is good - hit it on the way into town. In town, there is a good little stand sometimes open on Chicken City Road and Circle Drive depending on how much they have to offer. There are a couple on Maddox that I've never really been impressed by.

      Have a great time!

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        We've been to Chincoteague several times & we are headed there again in August. I've always wondered how Etta's was (we've never tried it) and you are the first person who has ever recommended it here on CH. It also gets very mixed reviews on Trip Advisor. It's tempting because of the terrific location but the prices seem high compared to the mixed reviews. Not sure if it's worth taking a chance on.

        Can anyone else here on CH tell me if this place is worth trying? Some of my extended family will be accompanying us on this trip who've never been to the island before & if it's reasonably decent we may chance it because of the view. (We are staying in a hotel this time around so we won't be cooking - we usually rent a house and cook most of our meals at home.)

      2. When my wife and I went in April we ate dinner at Bill's. Although the table clothes were white, we did not feel that it was dressy and most people were vacation casual. On top of that, the food was very good. In my wife's opinion (and she's a seafood person) the oysters' Rockefeller were the best she has ever had