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Jul 28, 2011 09:04 AM

Goodbye Liverpool House (for now?)

This is not good news for the Little Burgundy/St. Henri dining scene and Montreal in general.

Here's hoping that they have a quick repair and are back in business soon!!

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  1. Noooo!!!

    I didn't notice anything this morning from the street...

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    1. re: OliverB

      The impression I got from David McMillan in an interview today was that it will probably not be closed for long. Maybe till the end of August or end of the summer. Damages were apparently around 50k so the building is probably not too badly harmed.

    2. Word on the street... Liverpool House is reopening this coming Thursday, with a brand new kitchen and restored dining room. Should be better than ever. Exciting!

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      1. re: CocoBean

        David McMillan was on the radio this afternoon talking about his new book, determination to use local ingredients whether oil, vinegar, produce and he said the restaurant is reopening tonight, still some space left but only at 9:30pm