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Your best stovetop chicken dishes?

I'm looking for new chicken recipes, but it's that time of the year where it's too hot to use my oven. And the grill is more or less my partner's domain. So, I'm looking for your favorite stovetop chicken dishes and recipes. Ideas?

Thank you in advance!


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  1. For every night easy cooking, I make chicken along the lines of marsala or piccata--pound flat chicken, dredge in seasoned flour, cook in oil, remove from pan. Add more oil/butter if necessary and saute vegetables. Deglaze w/ alcohol (marsala, wine, lemon juice, balsamic, etc.), Reduce and add butter, if wanted. Return chicken to sauce.

    For more time I braised chicken paprika. again making along the same lines. Using thighs/legs, dredge in seasoned flour, sear each side 1-2 minutes. Remove. Saute vegetables (includes onions), deglaze, and add stock. Return chicken. Simmer on low for an hour or more until done.

    Don't know if any of that is new since it's same old, same old for us.

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      Sounds good. Mostly I stir-fry or roast or bake chicken, so almost all stove top recipes will be new to me!

      Thank you!


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        The piccata-Marsala one is a regular in my kitchen, takes about 15 minutes!

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          Same here.....I like to put parmesan and panko in with the dredging flour.

      2. Pound chix breasts to even thickness, season w/ salt and pepper. Brown in pan and remove to keep warm. To pan, add butter and mushrooms. Saute until mushrooms cooked through, deglaze w/ white wine, let reduce a couple minutes, add 1/2 and 1/2 and cream(about 1/2 cup or so) let reduce another couple minutes, add salt, pepper, thyme to taste and a squirt of dijon mustard. Add chix back in. Serve over rice or noodles. Sorry about the vague measurements, I just go by what looks and tastes right.

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          Vague measurements is just fine! I can figure it out from here, I think!


        2. My favorite stovetop chicken is super easy, simple and delicious.

          Take chicken thigh(s), salt and pepper, and put skin side down on a nonstick skillet over medium heat. Cover and walk away for oh, 10 minutes or so.

          Flip chicken. The skin should be super crispy. If not turn up the heat and wait a couple more minutes. Flip and let the other side brown for another 5-10 minutes.

          I actually like to eat it just like this, but if you're into something fancier, you can finish with a little soy-lemon-butter combo for some added deliciousness. Or really any pan sauce type preparation you're into. But cooking chicken thighs on the stove like this just can't be beat in terms of flavor and crispyness.

          1. TDQ, I bet you have a huge skillet. This is gonna be a little vague, but I know you can figure it out. Just brown your pieces nicely, and remove from skillet. Then saute a little garlic, and when it's just transparent, add a bed of sliced zucchini, mushrooms, and artichoke hearts. (I used well-rinsed marinated ones for this because we like the flavor and I'll be goddanged if I'm spending time trimming out and steaming baby 'chokes.) re-add your chicken and a good glug of white wine; cover and simmer on low. After about 40 minutes, add a handful of cherry tomatoes and another of black olives - brined, preferably. Give it all a good toss and serve it up with some plain penne with parmesan and pepper and a little extra olive oil. Yum.
            (Oh....this gives up a lot of juice, for obvious reasons. If you want, at the end, you can finish the sauce with a bit of cold butter swirled in, or a few balls of buerre manie.)

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            1. Oh, this is another go-to recipe that was posted here at CH. This is the ultimate comfort food. Far better than I thought it would be, Lidia's chicken and arborio rice. I fool around w/ different vegetables and love it w/ peas added near the end.


              1. I love all of these recommendations so far, everyone, thank you!


                1. Have you tried Chicken Saltimbocca? Really simple and full of flavor.
                  Just pound out some chicken breasts, top each with a sage leaf and then a slice of prosciutto. Press the prosciutto into the breast so that it adheres, then dip them in flour seasoned with salt & pepper and saute in a little olive oil and butter. Remove and keep warm while you make the sauce. Add some white wine and chicken stock and cook down for a few minutes until reduced by 1/2 or 3/4. Add a nob of cold butter to the sauce and then put cooked cutlets back in the pan to coat.
                  This is great over some steamed spinach with some boiled baby Yukons.
                  And now I know what I'm going to make for dinner!

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                    Always reminds me of Three Coins in a Fountain!

                  2. Years ago I encountered a Jacques Pepin recipe that looked oddly simple but which is delicious. I cannot recall where I saw it.

                    The elements are simply a cut up whole chicken or selected parts; unpeeled garlic cloves, white wine; thyme; salt/pepper; olive oil and butter.

                    The general method is to brown the seasoned chicken in oil with the unpeeled garlic cloves (about 4 garlic cloves) in a skillet; then deglaze with a splash of wine, throw some thyme sprigs into the pan, and gently cook, covered, for about 20 minutes. To finish, squeeze the garlic cloves out of their skins and mash one or more or all of them into the sauce , and then add some butter to finish. It's superb.

                    1. Chicken Cordon Blue(eu?) is pretty easy. Again, pound chicken thin, place a sllice of ham and swiss cheese on top and roll up and secure w/ toothpicks. Dip in egg wash, then bread crumbs or finely crushe panko-Iike to do this twice to get a good crust. If you stick these in freezer for about 15 min. so crust adheres better. Fry in a small layer of oil until golden brown-should take 10-15 min depending upon how thin you make your chicken. IF you want sauce, make a quick mornay-bechamel w/ swiss cheese, basicly. Or go the Sandra Lee route and use canned cheddar cheese soup making it a thicker consistency than for soup. Or cream of celery w/ cheddar added. I've also done this w/ a filling of crabcake mixture. You could come up w/ endless possibilities. IF you don't want the breading, you could omit and just saute the roll ups.

                      1. Slice bacon or pancetta into matchstick lengths and render in a skillet. Remove cooked bacon and reserve. Saute the chicken in the bacon fat until done and golden brown around the edges. Return the bacon to the pan along with 1-2 tablespoons of whipped chive/onion or garden vegetable flavored cream cheese per serving. Stir until a sauce is formed. Serve over mashed potatoes, noodles, or rice. You can use bone-in chicken parts with or without skin, or bite-sized pieces of boneless chicken.

                        1. Pound Boneless Chicken Breasts or Thighs to an even thickness. Sprinkle Cajun spices on both sides. Grill a few minutes on each side in a grill pan. Sometimes I spread some storebought BBQ sauce on top after flipping. Serve with Baked or Mashed Potato and veggies. A regular in my quick easy dinners rotation.

                          1. Jamie Oliver's Braised Ligurian Chicken was a hit during our February COTM. Dead Simple (dredge chicken in flour, cook to brown, add rosemary and garlic to brown and then simmer with wine, anchovies, kalamtas and tomatoes) and quite tasty. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/7632... The recipe: http://www.nytimes.com/2003/11/19/din...

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                              I'm so bummed I missed JO month. Oh, well, at least I get a taste of a favorite with this recipe.

                              Thanks for all of the fun ideas everyone!


                            2. Chicken Paprikash...

                              Recipes abound on the 'net...

                              1. I might be the only one, but I like to make ground chicken "stir fries" of a different international bent. Mexican - hot peppers, onions, a little cumin, and other veggies as around (I often add a lot of veggies and a lot of heat). Serve over rice, a little pico, guac, or any other toping - it's like a chipotle bowl. I like it a lot.

                                Same with asian or italian - it's super easy....just use the spices. I like ground chicken for me because I'm the only ground chicken eater and I think in a one-pot dish, the spices cover it well.

                                1. Morning, DQ!

                                  Here's one of my recipes that went over really well with the fam. The broiler step is short but optional.

                                  TEA & SOY SAUCE BRAISED CHICKEN
                                  Serves 4

                                  This recipe goes from stovetop to oven, so you'll need either a large ovensafe pot or pan to go directly into the oven from the stove, or a pot/pan in which to sear and braise the chicken, and an oven safe dish in which to broil the skin.

                                  You could go without the broiling step, and the dish will still be delicious, but you'll miss out on that beautifully crisped and slightly charred chicken skin that I love so well (too much, maybe).

                                  - 2.5 pounds bone-in, skin-on chicken
                                  - 2 teaspoons kosher salt
                                  - 1 teaspoon black pepper
                                  - 2 Tablespoons oil

                                  - 1 inch segment of ginger root, sliced into 1/8" discs
                                  - 1/2 large onion (brown or white), cut into 1/4" slices
                                  - 4 or 5 cloves garlic, crushed
                                  - 1 Tablespoon non-flavored tea (I used oolong, but you could use green or black varieties)
                                  - 1+1/4 cup water
                                  - 1/8 cup Chinkiang or balsamic vinegar
                                  - 1/4 cup soy sauce
                                  - 3 Tablespoons packed brown sugar

                                  - 1 green onion, julienned (or cut in thin strips) and julienned ginger for garnish

                                  1) Season the chicken on both sides with the salt and pepper.

                                  2) In a large pot/pan (I used a 13" saute), bring the 2 Tablespoons of oil to medium high heat and brown and sear the chicken, about 3 minutes per side.

                                  3) Put the chicken aside and saute the aromatics (onions, ginger, garlic) in the pan until the onions just begin to turn translucent.

                                  4) Deglaze the pan with 1/4 cup of water, soy sauce and vinegar, making sure to scrape all the fond (the yummy bits left sticking to the pan after you sear the chicken) off the bottom, and add the tea.

                                  5) Lower the heat to medium low, pour in the rest of the water, stir in the brown sugar, and add the chicken - SKIN SIDE DOWN - and simmer, partially covered (leaving about a half inch crack to allow steam to escape) for 20 minutes.

                                  Because heat builds and accumulates during the simmering process, it's a good idea to stir the chicken and check the temp once in a while to make sure it's not getting so hot that the chicken and/or sauce are burning and sticking to the bottom of the pan.

                                  6) After simmering for 20 minutes, flip the chicken over, SKIN SIDE UP (this is important, as you need to give the skin some time to dry out before going under the broiler) and simmer another 20 minutes. At this point, preheat the oven to BROIL.

                                  7) Once the chicken has simmered 40 minutes total, take it off the stove top and place it under the broiler so that the tops of the chicken are 3 to 4 inches from the heat element so the skin can char and crisp, about 2 minutes (check after about a minute and a half, and every 10 seconds thereafter - stuff can go from perfectly charred and caramelized to burnt beyond recognition very quickly under the broiler).

                                  8) Plate with the julienned green onions and ginger sprinkled on top.

                                  I served this with steamed jasmine rice, green beans stir-fried in a sweet, caramelized oyster sauce with some garlic, and baby bok choy stir-fried with oyster sauce, garlic and just a hint of ginger.

                                  1. I've had great success using the linked recipe for Chicken Ropa Vieja. It uses a combo of the slow cooker and the stovetop, but obviously it could all be done with only the stovetop. I make it almost once a week, and the family has yet to realize that it's "lighter." I hope it's helpful.

                                    Chicken Ropa Vieja:

                                    1. technique, not recipe -

                                      i like thighs, but any parts work.

                                      brown in pan 4 5 minutes a side. remove from pan. sautee aromatics such as onions, garlic, carrots, celery, shallots, peppers, etc. deglaze with wine or beer or vermouth or lemon juice. add liquid such as chicken stock, juice, water, wine, or some combination thereof. add or don't dried fruit or veggies, potatoes, and spices/herbs appropriate for the flavor profile you seek, e.g. cardamon, & cinnamon, or curry spices like cumin, coriander, fenugreek, or lemongrass and other SE asian flavors, provencal herbs, etcetcetc.

                                      simmer until chicken is cooked through (half hour , up to an hour if you want it really falling of the bone). add fresh herbs and serve with rice, or noodles or potatoes.

                                      1. This quick and easy chicken scarpariello is surprisingly delish, considering how few ingredients there are: http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/ch...

                                        Also, an old favorite is to roll up thin chicken (or pounded) with goat cheese and brown. Remove and make a quick pan sauce of diced tomatoes, garlic, shallots, capers, olives and roasted red peppers. Return the chicken, cover, and cook gently until cooked through.

                                        1. I like to make boneless skinless chicken breast with a lemon, butter rosemary sauce to serve over pasta. It's like a piccata, but I love fresh rosemary. I sautee the lightly floured, pounded chicken breasts in butter and olive oil...then I add lemon juice, fresh rosemary and chicken stock to make a pan gravy.

                                          1. Chicken bog is a great one pot meal!

                                            1. We just finished a big pot of green chile chicken enchiladas. I seared and boiled a mess of chicken thighs, sauteed onions, garlic and 1 finely diced spud. Threw in a big bag of roasted green chiles from the freezer, picked the chicken and added it and the broth to the mix. If too thin, add flour slurry. Fry corn tortillas, top w/ enchilada "salsa", cheese & raw onion, repeat for a 2 stack Nm style enchie. Top w/ fried egg, crema (sour cream) or guacomole. Serve w/ pintos & green salad.
                                              Bien provecho

                                              1. Butter braised chicken: a whole chicken, cut up. Dust the chicken pieces with flour, salt, pepper en freshly ground nutmeg ( lots of it). Brown the chicken in a LOT of butter. About 150 grams for 1 not too large chicken. The trick is to brown the pieces very very slowly over low heat (10 minutes , then flip, another 10 minutes). Add just a little bit of water or white wine (I actually like water best for this because it does not distract from the chicken flavor), then braise, covered, over very low heat, for 90 minutes.

                                                This produces a chicken so very tender and moist that you can cut the breast meat with a fork

                                                But, be sure to use a good, flavorful, organic / free range chicken, and good butter!

                                                1. picture of butter braised chicken ;)

                                                  1. I've tried the variation on brick chicken demonstrated in this video by Jonathan Waxman. A few times. http://www.chow.com/food-news/78521/j...

                                                    It's a great technique for cooking a whole, small chicken on the stovetop. I use a 12 inch cast iron pan and a cast iron weight that came with a grill pan, but you could use another large skillet and something so simple as a brick wrapped in aluminum foil. I start off by browning the skin, put the weight on the other side. Next, I flip the bird, put the weight on just for a couple minutes. Then cover the whole pan with a lid and let it cook through for a bit (10 minutes, if that much). Remove lid, flip, and re-crisp the chicken skin. Cooks a whole chicken to perfection in something like 25 minutes. Then while the chicken rests, you have a pick of endless variations of vegetables you can cook quickly in the chicken juices, or sauces you can make.

                                                    Really nice, quick, laid back technique for cooking a whole chicken.

                                                    1. I fry chicken...in the electric skillet, which is even better than the stove in the summer; actually, it's better than a cast iron skillet, because you can really regulate the heat. Cook skin side down covered, skin side up uncovered. The big, covered, non-stick rectangular electric skillet is a great tool in the heat.....

                                                      1. okay, you really need to suspend your disbelief here. Quarter 3 onions. Fry in some olive oil until soft and golden. Remove onions from pan and add chicken thighs to same pan. Cook through. Add onions back in along with 1/4 cup peanut butter, 1/2 cup hot chunky salsa and (don't freak now) 2/3 cup evaporated milk. (not condensed) Stir and heat until mixed through and serve over rice. Personallly I only use President's Choice Salsa. Try it.

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                                                          With the PB and salsa, it sounds like it could be a faux Southeast Asian dish if you used coconut milk instead of evaporated...


                                                          1. re: The Dairy Queen

                                                            yes, it's supposed to be a 5 ingredient Thai chicken.

                                                          2. re: dianne0712

                                                            This does sound very good, yummy even. I'll have to give it a try but think I will try the coconut milk as well.



                                                          3. I'm pretty intrigued by the peanut butter-salsa suggestion now! Before I start that though, here's one we always like.

                                                            Pollo Fresca

                                                            1/4 cup corn oil
                                                            3 pounds bonless skinless chicken breasts, in strips
                                                            2 green peppers
                                                            2 red peppers
                                                            1 yellow pepper
                                                            1 white onion
                                                            1 pound mushrooms
                                                            1/2 pound tomatillos
                                                            4 Anaheim chilies
                                                            1 1/2 teaspoons salt
                                                            3 teaspoons granulated garlic
                                                            2 teaspoons cumin
                                                            2 teaspoons black pepper
                                                            1/2 teaspoon white pepper
                                                            1 cup wine or white grape juice

                                                            Cut peppers and onions into strips, mushrooms in half, husk tomatillos and cut into wedges, slice chilis into rings. Combine seasonings. Stir fry the chicken a bit, then add all the vegetables and seasonings and stir fry until almost done to your liking. Add wine/juice and fry about 2 more minutes. Serve over green or white rice