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Jul 28, 2011 07:36 AM

Which stainless brand do you prefer?

I've decided that I'm over my Calphalon cookware. I mostly cook with cast iron these days but I need a pot for boiling pasta and a skillet for rice (hard to clean out of CI.) I'd like to go with stainless this time around so I don't have to worry about the occasional trips through the dishwasher.

Since I only need 2-3 pieces price isn't a huge factor though I'd rather not break the bank. I'll probably check out places like TJ Maxx first anyway.

So, what brand would you buy?

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  1. I am happy with my JCPenney cooks tri-ply SS cookware. Never really used any other brand though, haven't felt the need to yet. I might have gone with tramontina, but there wan nowhere that I could go to actually feel/hold it. For just boiling pasta/rice, I don't think you'll find much difference in any brand.

    1. I love my Berndes. It's not the least expensive stuff out there (not the most, either). But my 3.5 quart saucepan makes perfect rice, it distributes and retains heat beautifully, and it's very easy to clean.


      1. I like my Cuisinart multi pot, I have the 12 quart but it also comes in 8 quart.

        For skillets I like my All-Clad d5

        1. For a skillet, American Kitchen tri-ply (mfg in Wisconsin):

          For a boil pot, a 6 qt Cuisinart Chef's Classic (China):

          1. Tramontina tri-ply is great, comes in open stock or sets
            All Clad very good but I truly don't detect any difference in performance or construction in my All-Clad to the much less expensive Tramontina
            Recently fell a bit in love with Mauviel which is a lot more expensive - not necessary but so very nice to own

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              If I were replacing my older set of Cuisinart stainless cookware, I'd buy Tramontina. I did have to replace a small saucepan, and I was impressed with the Tramontina. If I understand this correctly, the Tramonitina tri-ply will be able to go to induction, should you someday buy an induction stove or cooktop. I love the fat hollow handles! And it conducts heat and dishwashes well.