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Jul 28, 2011 06:05 AM

Good manners

A guest comes and brings me a box of candies. Am I supposed to thank her and (1) put the box away, or (2) open it and share it with the other guests?

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  1. I would say thanks, and bring them out for desert!

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    1. re: EllyK

      Your answer is the one I like best, but thanks to you all for contributing.

    2. I would ask, "Shall we open this up now?" And then do whatever she says. That seems like a risk-free way to go.

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      1. Suggested reply: "The other guests are dieting, but I'm not. I'll save it for later."

        1. I think I would offer it at some point after dinner, but then I find it best not to keep a box of candy around the house.

          1. How familiar are you with the guest ? what kind of invitation was it ?

            Anyway, I would thank them and put the box away.