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Good manners

A guest comes and brings me a box of candies. Am I supposed to thank her and (1) put the box away, or (2) open it and share it with the other guests?

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  1. I would say thanks, and bring them out for desert!

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      Your answer is the one I like best, but thanks to you all for contributing.

    2. I would ask, "Shall we open this up now?" And then do whatever she says. That seems like a risk-free way to go.

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      1. Suggested reply: "The other guests are dieting, but I'm not. I'll save it for later."

        1. I think I would offer it at some point after dinner, but then I find it best not to keep a box of candy around the house.

          1. How familiar are you with the guest ? what kind of invitation was it ?

            Anyway, I would thank them and put the box away.

            1. Unless it's a potluck, It's a gift to you from the guest to do with as you like. If you like them, thank the giver and save them for later. If you're not too fond of them, thank the giver and offer them to the other guests as an after dinner treat!

              1. If it's candy you don't like, open it immediately and set it out. If it's candy you love, put it in the cabinet and save it for when you can open it and eat the whole box solo.


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                    Very funny. Seinfeld taking sides? Quite unusual. I agree with KaimukiMan and Kajikit. To different countries, different cultures. In France (in the old times) you would sent flowers to the hostess the day before. I suspect things have changed...