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Jul 28, 2011 05:41 AM

The New Little Pepper in College Point

been to the new little pepper a few times. anyone else notice that they seem a bit off their game, even after a few months back in business? the service has become painfully slow and disorganized. the food is not quite as slamming as before- the flavors don't quite jump off the plate like they used to. it can take over 45 minutes for cold dishes to arrive. the timing of plates is haphazard. wrong dishes are brought and then taken away. the staff constantly apologizes for these petit screwups, but they keep happening. what's going on over there?

i'm sure this post will elicit vehement disagreements, but i just want to call it the way i see it.

Little Pepper
18-24 College Point Blvd, Queens, NY 11356

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  1. I go once a week, with about seven of us. The service is as haphazard if its filled, but that was the same at the old place. The food is the same as before, consistently strong.

    Never had a wrong dish, have had long waits. The English skills of a few of the newer waiters is pretty slim, which seems to cause confusion for those who are not familiar with the menu.

    As long as these two are in the place, the food has been the same

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        Aub - There's a current thread (as of 7/26) running with 25 posts and several others with 100+ posts if you do a search.

        I've been to the "new" Little Pepper 4 times in the past 6 weeks and I'm pretty disappointed after 40 trips to the old LP.

        I've already complained about the 50% increase in price on some of the dishes and I don't mind the odd service where cold dishes come out 40 minutes after the freshly prepared dishes. But the spicing has been toned down. The Braised Fish is as spicy as ever and the Noodles with Minced Beef is perfect, but just about every other dish is nowhere near as spicy, complex, or flavorful as it used to be.

        I don't know if this is because of their new location and their current clientele (or what they are trying to attract -- twice was a mixed crowd, once we were the only non-Asian group there, and last night there were no Asians there at any point during our dinner), but cold dishes like Beef Tendon w Chili Sauce are pre-prepared and can't be adjusted. It's too bad. I like the new location much better than the old one. I just wish they hadn't changed the food.

        Little Pepper
        18-24 College Point Blvd, Queens, NY 11356

    1. yep. we went last weekend, and it took almost 2 1/2 hours to get our 6 dishes. it felt more like timing of a European meal than an Asian one. nothing was stellar except for the pickled fish and cabbage soup. the waiter was so disorganized and hapless we couldn't help but feel bad for him. we asked for the twice cooked pork to be ma la, and it wasn't. when we brought that to his attention, he said "it isn't? maybe next time?" which was kind of funny and frustrating. but yes, the food just wasn't as good as we've had previously, sadly.

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        Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with your waiter. Did you complain to the owner lady?

        Can I show her this thread with your kind permission? Something was not right: the chef is as excellent as ever. There are lots of Chinese people settling down in that area: there is a reason one street is called Taipei Ct. :-)

        1. re: diprey11

          I went this Sunday night with a group of 7. We had no issues, the food was a great as always.

          Perhaps, because the waiter and the owner know us and what we order, there is less confusion.

          I am not a blind admirer, its just that the confusion in ordering and getting our food has been no different than in the past, and that is not very much.

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            Biggest disappointment of the year for me. After having this place on my must try list for way too long, I trekked out there last week for lunch. Tried the sliced beef with green pepper, sliced fish (in some kind of soup), and the tea smoked duck. The fish was OK (for sure the favorite dish of the three), but all three really fell flat. Spice levels were just not there, despite telling the waiter that we like spicy. There were no flavor dimensions. The beef dish actually reminded me of a typical Chinese-American dish -- gloppy, one-note sauce. Barely Sichuan, other than the hot peppers in the dish. The duck was the most disappointing. Dry, gristly meat. I almost wanted to ask for a dipping sauce, just to make it edible. It was a $45 meal, after tax/tip. I hope that this was an anomaly, but we're in no rush to return. Service was prompt, however.