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Jul 27, 2011 09:22 PM

Best coffee Iowa City

Can anyone recommend their favorite coffee in Iowa city/coralville? Have not had much luck with Capanna. Interested in drip, and also a source for beans.

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  1. Hands down, the Java House is the place to go. In the ped mall in Iowa City.

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    1. re: Beaverdale

      The coffee is the best, though inside the pretension gets a little old. I wish there was a coffe house that sold Cafe Del Sol...

      1. re: rozz01

        Ditto on Cafe Del Sol esp beans from the farmers market. They let you know when they roast them. In my opinion there is good coffee, but no good coffee houses - I end up buying for convenience and get poor quality. I prefer gas station coffee to T-Spoons.

        1. re: rozz01

          I read that there was a cafe del sol in the coralville library. Is that any good? I did get some drip from them that was pretty good at the farmers market. Will try their beans soon as well as java house. Have been doing the starbucks drive thru which has the benefit of convenience with two children, but not much on the flavor front.

          Thanks for the recs.

          1. re: Pandora

            Wake Up Iowa City. It's located in White Rabbit, which is on Linn diagonally across from the IC library. There's a counter in the back. Locally roasted, totally local biz that started as a truck in a parking lot. Best espresso I've had, anywhere & ever.

            1. re: ctscorp

              Was that the place that was back behind the IC Vine ?

              1. re: rozz01

                Yep. With slight modifications -- the lovely gentleman who opened the truck handed it off to a friend, so he's not around as much, but the beans and the vibe are the same.

      2. I work downtown and get bored going to the same place so I've tried just about everything within walking distance of the Ped Mall (except gas stations). I like Capanna for their Mexican house roast and Coop or Englert blends but am indifferent to the others. Am currently a trusty Java House regular for Saint Louis Blues to-go (I dislike the atmosphere and now that students are back it'll be a battle for a table anyway). Haven't been to Fair Grounds in months but I really liked their drip coffee, I remember the Solera (maybe?) blend being tasty. I heard they have new management now? Haven't had the drip at Times Cafe (upstairs in Prairie Lights) but I believe they use Stumptown Roast from Portland. Their espresso drinks are above average to sublime depending on who makes your drink (had a latte just once that rivaled the best from Olympia/Seattle). My new favorite is Wake Up Iowa City in the White Rabbit, though I believe they're strictly espresso and quite pricey. If you have a sweet tooth try their local honey latte, I generally stay away from sweet coffee but this is a great melding of flavors. I think they use only one source for beans though so if you dislike that varietal then you're probably not going to be into anything they do.

        1. Java house isn't the best. It's fairgrounds!!!