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Jul 27, 2011 08:38 PM

Where to get good old-fashioned WATERMELON?

Watermelon is probably my favorite fruit, but when I think about it, I picture the large, long, light green melons of my youth (east coast, 1970's) that were really red on the inside, really sweet, and had large dark brown seeds that, after some practice, were really easy to clear out. But these kids nowadays, with their smaller, roundish, dark green striped basketballs, they go around yelling "Seedless! Seedless!" when they should be yelling "Flavorless! Flavorless!" *sigh*

Anyway, it seems the average produce shopper is resigned to this one variety that dominates all groceries and FMs. Anyone know where to get the old seeded kind, or any other variety that is not factory-farmed for its alleged seedlessness?

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  1. Ethnic markets, e.g. Chinese and Hispanic.

    1. When I was taking the 110 Bus to the westside, I came upon a place which I believe is called Sam's Watermelons and purports to sell Red Ripe Texas Watermelons among other seasonal fruits. On the lot they had bushels of them. I made a mental note so I could go back one day to check it out, but If you are willing to try it out, I'd love to hear back.

      Sam's Watermelons
      6223 S NORMANDIE AVE, (at Gage )

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        You don't want the Texas watermelons right now! We are in the middle of a disastrous drought, and what few melons we did get were simply awful. Now there are no Texas melons in our stores, and what we are getting is coming from Mexico or CA. I have really missed them this summer!

      2. Today (Saturday), I noticed that Jaime Farms had old-fashioned looking watermelons at the Pasadena farmers' market. They were oblong, a couple of them shaped more like an eggplant. They were labeled as Crimson Sweet.

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        1. re: Jack Flash

          I got a GREAT one at the Pasadena Farmer's market this past Saturday. I think it might have been from Underwood Farms (closest to the entrance/fish truck/orange sellers). It was smaller but heavy. It was dark green, had seeds, a very thin rind and was sweet and flavorful all the way through

          1. re: RoxyGrl

            Yeah, I think that's Underwood. I didn't happen to look at their melons, though: are they the long, torpedo-shaped specimens? I did notice that Jaime Farms had that kind again last week.

            1. re: Jack Flash

              yep. it was probably only 18 -24 inches but definitely oblong. What surprised me the most was how thin the rind/white was. I hadn't even realized how much I had gotten used to cutting off and trashing almost 1/3 of the store bought melons.

        2. Since you asked and I've been looking myself, I just watched Dara Dubinet UTube video where she is at Rawsome (private food club) in Venice/Rose Ave and she was showing seeded watermelon, man it looked good. Rawsome is a members only thing (I think it's $50 to join) so they can provide raw milk/cheese/hormone free meat to there members who want it. I think they are only open Wed. & Sat, she filmed it yesterday. What I love is that flavor of the seeded melons, it's beautifully different, nothing like the melons I've tasted these last few years. I'm gonna try the wholesale food market downtown at 7th & Central Monday or Tuesday (@ about 2am I'm told is the best time) or ask one of my fruit vendors (Luis @ B&B Hardware parking lot Culver City) to pick some up. Seeded watermelons are so much healthier for you.

          1. i bought a great ($10) yellow watermelon full of black seeds from the silverlake farmers market . if you are OK with yellow it's the produce stand that is where the market turns. only place in there selling watermelons.