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Jul 27, 2011 07:32 PM

summer vacation with kids, Madison, NH / Conway area

I'm a Boston chowhound going up north for a few days...... Will probably want to do a few lunches and maybe a dinner out with the family.

What's good up there that is reasonably priced and interesting?

Is there anything interesting near Franconia Notch? Or is a picnic a better option?

Also i'm sure we will be driving the sceninc "kankamagus highway".... so is there anything off of that road that is noteworthy?

Also, where is an easy, well stocked grocery store?

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  1. There's not much else in Madison besides King Pine/Purity Spring Resort, so I'm guessing you're either staying there or renting privately. There's not a lot of dining options close by. You are, however, just a stone's throw from the best homemade ice cream in the area: Bobby Sue's. From KP/Purity Spring, head south on Route 153. Bobby Sue's is on the left, maybe a mile or two north of the junction with Route 25. Rich, melty, awesomeness... :)

    The closest & best bet for convenience store is Community Market & Deli in Madison, just below the Conway town line on Route 113. They have a full service deli & pizza.

    The closest & best supermarket would be Shaws, at the jct of Routes 16 & 302 in North Conway. Good selection, decent prices.

    The Kanc will probably be heavy traffic, and I don't recall anything there other than forest lands until you reach the other end. I vaguely recall some picnic areas along the Swift River. Most of the big riverside partiers tend to be over on the Saco, but just be aware that it might be difficult to find a quiet spot.

    As far as good restaurants for family dining, there are lots of choices in the Conway/North Conway area. Cafe Noche on Main St in Conway Village (Rte 16) has decent Mexican. Delaney's Hole in the Wall (Rte 16, North Conway) has a wide menu variety, including excellent sushi. Bangkok Cafe, across from the Eastern Slope Inn, Rte 16, N Conway is excellent. It's a small space, though, so it's maybe not the best choice if you have a very large group.

    Those are just the first few that come to mind.

    Community Market & Deli
    RR 113, Madison, NH 03849

    1. We just discovered another great Thai restaurant last night, "Taste of Thai" on Seavey Street in North Conway. Much bigger space & definitely a better choice if you're a larger group. My dining companion & I were very pleasantly surprised. We weren't expecting to like it better than Bangkok Cafe, but....they both serve excellent food & have very friendly & attentive waitstaff. I might give a slight edge to Taste of Thai, based on their steamed shrimp dumplings, which are delicate, yummy morsels.

      Taste of Thai
      1561 White Mountain Hwy, North Conway, NH 03860

      1. There are no restaurants off the Kanc. If you travel the Kanc ( Route112) from Conway to its end in Lincoln, there are some restaurants and a small grocery store..but if you are staying in Madison..then this grocery would not make sense for you. If you do the whole Kancamangus..then you could consider having dinner in Woodstock NH at the Woodstock Inn & Station. They serve great food. They are also located..maybe 15 minutes from the north tip of Franconia it could be a consideration on that trip as well.
        The Franconia Inn..although that is more upscale and I haven't been there in years so not sure how it is today.

        1. We ended up at Delaney's Hole in the Wall. Food ok, big menu appeals to many. Sushi was suprisingly decent, Sandwiches fine.

          However on a busy Tuesdaday night during the height of tourist season we found the waitstaff to be rather snarky and useless as we waited for our meals (sandwiches/ fries)

          1. the pizza barn it you go out of madison via the souther route and you come out on 16. Go 16 s.

            Nice for the kids and fam....relaxed pizza and, etc

            Oh ya have a picnic at the madison Boulder!

            Pizza Barn
            1860 Route 16, Center Ossipee, NH 03814

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              +1 for the Pizza Barn and Delaney's - StoneHurst Manor is step above and +1 for the seafood buffet at the White Mountain Hotel, also Eagle Mt House's brunch - excellent.

              Purity spring resort is a great family resort - don't expect gourmet but decent food and a GREAT resort wtih GREAT people at a GREAT prices.

              Have fun!