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Jul 27, 2011 06:38 PM

Best Upscale Thai Dinner in Bangkok?

Wil be visiting Bangkok for the first time in October and having the infamous "one night in Bangkok" - literally! Our ship is there for two days and one night. I'm looking for the best upscale thai restaurant for food and service (think Michelin 3 star or NY Times 4 star).

So many of the "best" restaurants I've seen listed in SE Asia are for French food. Any CHers have recos for upscale That in Bangkok?

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  1. IMHO, when it comes to "upscale" dining, try as it may, Bangkok isn't a dining destination. Yes, there are some nice places, but they aren't Bangkok's strong suit.

    Since you have just one night, I might suggest a dinner cruise. Loy Nava and Manohra offer nice venues. The food is adequate, but the entertainment and views are great. The experience will be much more representative.

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      Curt...Which cruise do you think is better in your opinion? Thx!

      1. re: revets2

        To be honest, we have never been on either. We always go for Riverside Bangkok Hotel's cruise. This cruise doesn't have ambiance of the other two, nor does it offer hotel pick up. It's a bit out in the sticks.

        Loy Nava is probably the most popular. I have read many good reviews.

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          Thanks, Curt. Can you tell me why you go on that cruise? Is the food better. The sticks is okay.

          1. re: revets2

            Cheap! We're talking 120 baht cruise surcharge, and food is priced per entree. None of us are drinkers, so we usually come away well under 500 baht PP. Food is cooked onboard, to order.

            We live up river. Riverside Bangkok is the closest. Loy Nava and Manohra won't pick us up! Downtown, few taxi drivers have a clue to its whereabouts.

            The boat is huge, "the largest dinner boat on the Chai Phraya". The only entertainment, besides the shoreline, is a lounge band doing Thai pop.

    2. I am also heading there in October ad I am using this blog as a source of inspiration for some high end food. Tom has eaten in 3 stars so he has a good yardstick to compare with:
      Best to click through and read all his thoughts on different restaurants there.

      1. I'd have liked to try Thai molecular gastronomy at Srabua by Kiin Kiin if/when I visit Bangkok the next time. Very intriguing - sort of like Ferran Adria meets David Thompson.

        Post by Thai Chowhound, NP2, below:

        1. agree with earlier poster than upscale is a relative term in BKK.

          I think Baan Khanita (spelling?) is a nice choice or a 1st timer. Food is foreigner friendly but still authentic.

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