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Jul 27, 2011 06:32 PM

Anything new around Boone and Banner Elk, NC?

I haven't seen much recent discussion on these areas. Hoping to get up there for a few days. We will have access to a kitchen just in case.

Not looking for anything specific - more interested in spots that do what they do really well!
I haven't been to this area enough to have developed any favorites.

Suggestions for a great breakfast or brunch would be good. We seldom get to go out for that meal together except on vacations.


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  1. My favorite weekday breakfast would be Knight's on Main in Blowing Rock. They are also well known for their Friday Oyster lunch special.

    Upscale Sunday Brunch spots would be Broyhill Inn in Boone or Chetola Lodge in Blowing Rock.

    For a casual breakfast or lunch try the new Sugar Mountain Cafe, located in Banner Elk across from the entrance to Sugar Mountain. I tried it for the first time yesterday after hearing rave reviews from friends. Locally owned and operated, friendly staff, great prices. They have only been open for eight weeks and I hope they do well. Counter service with a menu focused on healthy smoothies, wraps, sandwiches, rice bowls and a limited breakfast menu. The prices were very reasonable. Nothing on the menu above $6.50.

    Another very casual new spot getting local attention is Eat Crow in Foscoe, located in a small strip mall on the left side of the road as you head to Boone. It is a great bakery with a nice selection of prepared take out entrees and a small selection of wonderful sandwiches.

    For a special night out in Banner Elk try Artisanal.

    Zuzda's, in Banner Elk, is a decent tapas restaurant and a regular stop for many of my local friends. Service can be hit-or-miss.

    A bit out of they way, but if you happen to be out exploring near Spruce Pine, you might want to check out a fairly new restaurant called Knife and Fork. It is getting great reviews. I have not made it yet, but will soon.

    502 West Main St., Banner Elk, NC 28604

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      Sugar Mountain Cafe in Banner Elk is a poor excuse for a cafe. The person taking orders did not know what he was doing and the Proprietor - the person doing the cooking - was rude and had a severe attitude problem. They asked me how I wanted my eggs - "poached" i requested only to be told they could not do poached. The meals for my daughter and I came on foam plates, the hash browns were raw, the coffee - for which they charged $3.50 and was supposed to be espresso - was crap. They forgot the fruit for the pancakes, the forgot the toast for the breakfast, they forgot the jelly, I had to get up and go fetch things four times but worst of all was the attitude of this person who was unprofessional, rude, he could not cook, he could not make an espresso and when I turned down the country and western music playing loudly with a speaker next to my ear - abused me. Avoid this poor excuse for "cafe" like the plague. I have had better breakfasts at the Waffle House.

    2. If you haven't been to the Hob Nob Farm Cafe in Boone, you should put it high on your list.

      1. I made a few short trips to Boone this summer and while most of my meals were on the ASU campus I did enjoy Hob Nob Farm Cafe.
        I did not make it to Vidalia who serve Sunday Brunch. Search this board for others' comments.
        West Jefferson is a short ride north from Boone. Buy some cheese at Ashe County Cheese, hike Mount Jefferson and see the Churches of the Frescoes.

        831 W King St, Boone, NC 28607