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Jul 27, 2011 05:36 PM


Is there anyplace worth dining in Narraganset. I'm there for only 24 hours but would like at least one chowish meal. thanks!

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  1. I would try the Matunuck Oyster is ocean to table. Also, there are some good places in Jamestown, ie. Simpatico.

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      Was at Matunuck Oyster House twice in one week in July. I cannot recommend the oyster's highly enough. Unfortunately I found the fish entrees to be very fresh but uninspired. Not very creative or flavorful. Maybe I should have just stayed with the oysters!

    2. I can't recommend Crazy Burger ( enough. Move past the "whacky-sounding" name and you'll find a cool little restaurant that does really unique burgers (wasabi burgers, salmon burgers, curried chicken burgers - they have both meat and vegetarian/vegan options). Plus it's BYOB and there's a really nice outdoor garden in the back that you can dine in as well.

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        Crazy Burger IS terrific...for me, it is more of a lunch or brunch place...well worth checking out.

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          They were on Dine ins Drive Ins and Dives!

      2. The original comment has been removed