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Jul 27, 2011 05:30 PM

Emilia-Romagna rec's????

I can't find anything on here for Ravenna!

I am spending three days of my three week trip in Ravenna/Bologna. Hotel in Ravenna, in the center and most interested in the mosaics but also going to Bologna for food shopping and (I hope) tortellini in brodo.

I will be traveling solo for this part of the trip. My only source here is Plotkin, and though I've got the recent edition, I'm concerned how up to date it is.

Any suggestions for dinners in Ravenna or recent stories of lunch in Bologna? Not willing to break the bank here, but could splurge a bit for great renditions of the characteristic dishes (ragu, brodo, piadine?).


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  1. When you say ragu, do you really mean a Bolognese sauce? I believe a true ragu is found in more southerly parts of Italy such as Naples.

    To answer your post, I've never been to Ravenna but I have been to Bologna twice. I would recommend Trattoria da Gianni for lunch. You should be able to get the traditional dishes you crave there.

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      In Bologna, "alla bolognese" is called "al ragu". The Neapolitans also have something they call "ragu", but it's very different.

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        Yes, they are two very, very different sauces. I was just trying to clarify for the OP. Grazie, zerlina!

    2. there have been a series of recent long threads on the topic of eating in Bologna, including one specific to taglitelle al ragu.

      Here is one, a search will pull up others.

      for Ravenna, there have also been some posts, tho not real recently. Here is one vdanto is a good source


      In addition, there are several (at least 4) Ravenna restaurants on the Restaurant database, unfortunately you have to fiddle to see them all. From this basic search result, which produces Osteria dei Bettibecchi and Cappello, both in the center of town, go to the map and click on "perform search in map". Then hit the minus a few times to zoom outward - you will then see other places. click on each entry for more info.

      Looking forward to hearing your report back - its been a while since we have had a report on Ravenna, one of my favorite places. Hope to get down to Classe, I remember it as otherworldly, 30 yrs ago.

      Osteria dei Battibecchi
      Via Della Tesoreria Vecchia, 16, Ravenna, Emilia-Romagna , IT

      Via IV Novembre, 41, Ravenna, Emilia-Romagna , IT

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        Thanks everyone! I will be sure to report in detail when I return. My friends who travel to Italy yearly name Ravenna as their second favorite Italian city (after Rome). Unfortunately for me, they rent an apartment and mostly cook themselves when there.

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          Hi! We were in Ravenna for one night a few weeks ago. We went for the mosaics as well. and they were great! We only had one meal & it was at Il Melarancio. It was very "cool" and good. They have two areas, a bar/enoteca downstairs and a more upscale upstairs. We were tired from walking all day, so we ate in the bar. The most memorable thing was the "new" Caprese: a few very unique twists on the tomato, mozz & basil combo plus one traditional. My favorite was what I can only describe as a tomato semifreddo. It was bit too "unique" for my husband, but I loved it.
          Our favorite place in Bologna, hands down, was Trattoria Meloncello. Outstanding!

          Via Saragozza, 240, Bologna, Emilia-Romagna , IT