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Jul 27, 2011 05:19 PM


As mentioned in a previous post, I'm coming to Texas (San Antonio/Austin/Fredericksburg) next week. For some reason, I've got it in my head to eat rattlesnake. I've done a lot of searching, and can only come up with two options. 1. Hudson's on the Bend...rattlesnake cakes. While the menu sounds really good, I'm just not interested in paying those prices. The only other option I can find is a lunch truck in Austin called Wurst Tex. They offer a sausage called the Predator/Prey; rattlesnake and rabbit. While this doesn't sound bad, I'd really like to find a place that does 'snake very simply...maybe grilled, or even deep-fried; something where I can get an idea of what rattlesnake actually tastes like, not with a handful of spices and/or breadcrumbs added. I'll get the sausage if I can't find any other options, but I'm afraid that, at best, all I'll be able to say is that I've eaten 'snake, not that I know what it tastes like. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    1. What you want isn't on a menu, anywhere, save for a few tourist appetizers with questionable snake content, just so tourists can say they had it (?). Texas doesn't serve up rattlesnakes like Whoppers or Big Macs. You will have to compromise, or do it yourself.

      Snakes are done at home or at your ranch. There is a magnificent thread about rattlesnake, if you can dig it out.

      1. Umm...thanks, rexster. I've had 'gator tail, and I thought it tasted like juicy pork. I liked it.

        Thank you, Veggo. Yeah, I guess I'm a little surprised that in all the SA/Austin area, there's only those two places I've found that serve any form of rattlesnake. I thought for sure there'd be somewhere that had the real thing. For now, I guess I'll get one of the Predator/Prey sausages. This time out, I'm only in Texas for 4, 4 1/2 days, with no kitchen facilities. Once I get back home(MA), I'll definitely look at buying some fresh meat.

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          Do the search here for rattlesnake, and read the 4th item, How to debone a rattlesnake- help!
          It provides useful advice, and it's a fun thread. From 2007.

        2. Thanks, V. I did a search on the Texas board, and all I came up with was my post and something about goat.

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            go to the "latest chowhound posts" main page, and search "rattlesnake" , it comes up 4th