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Jul 27, 2011 04:39 PM

Cake/Cupcake/etc. in Richmond?

Hey, I know this question comes up every few years, but I'm bringing it back with a slight twist. I'm going to surprise birthday weekend for a friend next weekend and want to get some sort of cake or cupcake to bring with me. There'll be 10ish there.

1. I have to feed several people whose tastes I don't know, so I don't want anything too out there, but something unique or cool would be great. Bday girl is a foodie.

2. It's a party and I'd love to get something that looks pretty. I know it's last minute to get much custom, but if you could think of somewhere that could decorate in a way to make it look a little more special than a grocery store cake that'd be great. If not, great taste and in my time frame will do.

3. I'm open to cakes or cupcakes. Like the idea that with cupcakes I can get a variety of flavors... but cake looks nice. If I end up going with cupcakes, I'd love to get a place that could make them all match with flowers on top or something (we're heading to VA beach so I'm thinking I'm going to get other Hawaiian-ish decorations).

Any thoughts?

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  1. update: a friend is getting Georgetown Cupcakes. Instead, I want to bring a favor. Any picks for iced cookies or something else fun?

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      1. re: Janet from Richmond

        This is what I was leaning toward! Just wanted to check out other options, too : )
        I love those macaroons as well.

        1. re: Janet from Richmond

          and those "coming soon" pie tarts on a stick are adorable.

      2. and fyi - if you'd have needed the cupcakes/cakes.... i like pearl's at libbie/grove a lot. for next time.

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        1. re: AMFM

          Thanks! I still haven't made it there, but need to.

          1. re: princsoreo

            they're doing breakfast now. and while i haven't been their descriptions of scones and muffins and frittatas and such sound amazing.