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Jul 27, 2011 04:35 PM

Beverage refridgerator question

We're doing a major kitchen renovation, which includes a small bar area with a spot for a small beverage refridgerator. We've never had one before, and when I look at the display models, they really seem wine focused, or can-friendly, but in fact, we're more beer bottle people. If we're going for wine, it tends to be red and wouldn't be chilling in a refrigerator either. (And while I was momentarily tempted by a kegorator, but that's not right for us either.)

So... I'm hoping the collective hive here might have experience using it in the way we're hoping to, and can share some wisdom on brands, features to look for, etc. Any help would be most welcome!

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  1. I have a couple of under-the-counter Sub-Zero refrigerators that have worked flawlessly for the nine years that we have been in this house. I too looked at "wine fridges" but found they did not suit -- their temperature range alone was unsatisfactory (they will not go cold enough to keep food). One of these fridges has a small freezer but I probably wouldn't do this again, opting for all fridge instead since it isn't used much.

    Edit: While building our home, we checked out many different brands, and for our requirements, the multi-purpose Sub-Zeros were the best choice. Likely, it will not be the same for those wishing only to store wine.

    1. I have a small wine fridge (within a big wine room). I use the fridge for white wines, Beaujolais, sparking water, chocolate, vitamins that need to be kept cool, specialty beer, hard cider, real ginger ale, etc.

      My Red wines are racked elsewhere but I have no shortage of use for my wine fridge!

      1. You might want to look into the refrigerator drawers by SubZero, U-Line, etc..