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Jul 27, 2011 04:18 PM

Am I the only one??

Saying I'm the ONLY teen who visits Chowhound is pretty broad, but for the short time I've been visiting the site, it seems to be older cooks participating in the threads.

Just to be clear, notice I said OLDER, not OLD ;-P

I love to bake, so I will admit, some of the meals and ingredients mentioned here are a bit out of my range, but that is why I love visiting. It is a learning experience. I believe in steady improvement and by reading different posts and threads, I can venture away from my common yeast breads and attempt to create a much more complicated dish. So with that being said, am I the only teen cook who happens to think this way? Again, I know that is a bold statement, but I can honestly say that to my knowledge, I know of no other younger cook that frequents Chow like I do.

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  1. I'm sure you're not the only one, Lauren. Where there's one, there are bound to be more!

    My 12 year old son often looks over my shoulder when I'm reading up on my threads so I suspect he'll be joining your ranks shortly.

    In the meantime, I think it's great that you spend your time here, learning about something that is not only fascinating and delicious to the soul and palate but is also an incredibly useful and practical skill to have as you go through life.

    I hope you'll continue to participate, and I really look forward to your posts and comments. :)

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      Just a quick request that he hold off on joining until he's 13. We don't have COPPA protections in place for young members, so we're not able to accept members under the age of 13.

    2. My 16 year old lurks here occasionally, especially when she needs a recipe. She hasn't gone far enough to sign up, though I know that day is coming.

      1. Yeah, and don't be shy about posting about topics that are important to you. Are friends your age interested in cooking? Why/why not? What can adults do to get young people to eat better? Perhaps if we start a dialog, we can get more young people on here.

          1. i started cooking at 12ish..

            if i had the internet back then i would be online like CH here as well....
            and i never stop learning either...watching cooking shows on tv..reading cookbooks..magazines..surfing the net..all kinds of ways to learn....

            but most people also dont volunteer their age there could be more of you young whippersnappers on CH....