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Jul 27, 2011 01:53 PM

A quiet dinner place for conversation in Rittenhouse Square area?

Looking for a combination of low-to-moderate level noise, very good food (am open to most any cuisine), and entrees in the $15 to $30 range for a weekday catch-up dinner with an out-of-town friend....something in the area between the Comcast Center and Rittenhouse Square. Any suggestions?

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  1. matyson is lovely- although admittedly i have not been there in a loong time. but i remember the food being excellent and the noise-level totally fine

    byob on 19th and chestnut

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    1. re: InSearchOfTacos

      Oyster House Philly would also be a good choice

    2. The Oyster House, which I like a lot, gets very noisy.
      My daughter had the same request lately - a place to be with friends where they could talk - and ended up at Devon, right on Rittenhouse Square. She said it was perfect.
      You can look at the menu online and see if the prices would be okay.

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        i agree that OH can get very loud- have heard good things about devon, im glad your daughter enjoyed it

        would fish be a reasonable candidate for quiet(ish) meal? i know it's a bit farther south than the rittenhouse sq boundary

      2. Thanks everyone for your input! I'm leaning toward a fan of OH but am leery of the noise level for this particular meal. Has anyone tried Liberte Chic Urban at the Sofitel?

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          No, because it's gotten HORRIBLE reviews. I would avoid Liberte.

        2. Actually the best place I know for quiet conversation is the Swann Cafe at the Four Seasons.

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            +1 on the Swann Cafe", Urban, lively but quiet with good food and service. Should be able to meet your $$$$ limits.

          2. How about Fri Sat Sun? I've often taken older relatives there for this very reason. The food/menu is a bit old fashioned but everything is good, especially the specials. P.S. I would not recommend Devon for anything except the biscuits, they are pretty mediocre and a branch of Houlihans, I believe.

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            1. re: Bride of the Juggler

              Ironic that you should suggest FSS, for I just made reservations there for this occasion. So was glad to get a recommendation as a follow-up! We're dining there this evening.