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Jul 27, 2011 01:28 PM

food markets in Columbia MO [moved from Chains board]

Other than the standard chain food markets are there also upscale markets in the immediate or near by market areas? (Trader Joe's etc).

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  1. No Trader Joe's in Columbia, there are 3 in metro St. Louis. I believe there has to be a combination of a certain level of population and average income, and I imagine Columbia doesn't make the cut. I believe there is at least one Hy-Vee in Columbia, and they are pretty decent.

    1. HyVee is a big local chain with a small "health market" in each store. The one in Columbia is great. Like a mini (teeny tiny) Whole Foods with bulk aisle, gluten free, organic, local grass fed meat, etc.

      I highly recommend Clover's Natural Market. They have two locations, I have only been to the one on Chapel Plaza which I can say was my favorite place to grocery shop in the area.

      1. For great cheese and all kinds of other stuff-