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Jul 27, 2011 01:20 PM

Mill Valley Kitchen

Has anyone been yet? A work colleague of mine was raving about it recently and I was suprised to not have heard about it yet. Looks like it's located between Lake Calhoun and Bass Lake near Minnekada Club. Any reviews?

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  1. I've only driven by the place. It's at the corner of Excelsior Boulevard and France Avenue, just west of the Minnekahda Club.

    1. Resurrecting this--I went for lunch today and loved pretty much everything about it. The food wasn't anything mindblowing, but fresh, thoughtful and carefully prepared. The ambiance is lovely--like a giant version of the dining room in your favorite rich aunt's Park avenue apartment. If I lived in the neighborhood I'd be a regular and it's well worth the extra bit of trek up from Lake Calhoun.

      1. I went a month ago or so. It is fine, a pleasant experience for sure. I felt like it was very suburban in feel. (Clean, boring, almost sterile.) My dining companions disagreed and liked the ambiance more than I did. Our service was almost fawning--not always a bad thing. My friend sent her drink back, and they remade it to her liking, no questions asked.

        The nutrition info on the menu is interesting. The "ever dieting" woman in me appreciated it. The "foodie" person was not so interested. I split the bison burger and a salad. Both were well executed, but nothing special. I believe someone else had a pasta dish they enjoyed. We had a wild mushroom risotto (I think) as a starter. It was very well done.

        My comment was that it was a very nice place--someplace everyone could find something to eat with a full bar. I live at the other end of Lake Street. And I cannot imagine making the trip just for the food.

        It is very large, and very popular. We were told there would be at least a 45 minute wait on a Friday night around 7. When we decided not to wait, we were found a table right away. Not sure if luck or the threat of leaving got us in faster.

        So give it a try. I do think if I lived near-by, I would dine there on occasion.

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          I agree with you. I thought the food was pleasant enough but not particularly exciting. (I'm paying attention to nutritional information, so I appreciated the facts on the menu, but it may have steered me toward less fun food choices.) It seemed quite pricy for what they serve - a small salad is $7, plus $5 to add chicken. $17 for a chicken breast entree. Vegetables are a la carte and steep -- $5 for kale, $6 for green beans. If the food was fantastic, I might be able to justify the price, but it really wasn't that exceptional.

          I noticed that the nutritional data was conspicuously absent from the dessert menu. Heh heh. I guess their social conscience only goes so far.

          1. re: Jordan

            Yea, I think it works better for me as a lunch spot. I'd go back for dinner, but only if I was in the neighborhood for some other reason and it was a weeknight. I doubt it would ever make my list of weekend dinner destinations.
            I'm totally on the fence about the nutritional info thing. To me it was annoying and obsessive-seeming, smacking of that certain type of person who could never relax and enjoy themselves in the presence of food. I cook and eat healthy and veg-centric at home exclusively during the week, so if I'm going out it's partly to take a break from all that. OTOH, I certainly can't knock the idea that we all could do better to pay more attention.