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Jul 27, 2011 01:18 PM

Dunkin Donuts

I've been told that Dunkin Donuts do not exist in Columbia, MO. Can that be true?
Any other choices for that category of morning pastry?

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  1. Argh! I've been living here for 11 years now, and cannot tell you the pain not having a Dunkin Donuts has caused me.

    To be honest, there is no good doughnut shop in town. We have two Dixie Creme Donut shops, but....I've never been impressed. Same for the grocery store offerings.

    As for other breakfast pastry options, your best bet is going to be Uprise Bakery. They have good pastries and bread, as well as fantastic soup, sandwiches, and decent pizza. They're in the same buiding as the independent video/movie theater, and I've heard tell you can bring in Uprise Food and Beer into the theater.

    Columbians will try and sell you on The Upper Crust bakery....but don't give in. The product is bought frozen and proofed and baked on site. If that's your thing....well...I think Panera does it better.

    The Upper Crust
    907 Elm St, Columbia, MO 65201

    6710 Clayton Rd, Saint Louis, MO 63117

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    1. re: grrarghing

      my god, a college town without a decent doughnut shop? is this legal?

      I saw the earlier incarnation of this one and thought: there's gotta be someplace in that town... guess not.

      1. re: grrarghing

        I feel a little guilty that I don't "get" DD. Any suggestions on what you particularly like?

        1. re: lemons

          frankly I don't get it either, by decent I meant some mom n pop local legend type place. I will grant that DD's coffee roast is interesting.

          1. re: hill food

            Unimpressed with DD.
            At the store in Overland Park, they don't make their donuts on premises, and coffee is always lukewarm. There were swarms of people all over it when it first opened last year, but the traffic has died down quite a bit.

            1. re: Samalicious

              for some reason it's insanely popular in the Northeast states despite decent local competition and Krispy Kreme Korporate Krullers.