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Jul 27, 2011 01:05 PM

What to serve with Tejano-grilled lamb?

My husband, daughter and I will be dining with some friends this coming Saturday. The host said he is preparing "Tejano lamb" on the grill. He was somewhat vague about his description of Tejano lamb but I am told the marinade includes whiskey and garlic. The Goog told me the marinade might also include oregano, lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper.

What should my husband and I bring to serve on the side? Bear in mind a few factors:

It's late July in Minneapolis. It's hot. We want light, summery, seasonal fare.
The host does not like zucchini.
The grill, along with all common kitchen appliances, will be available for use.

We'd like to come up with something somewhat interesting other than just a green salad or fruit bowl. Thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. Apart from the whiskey it sounds pretty meditteranean. I like to serve room temp or even cold, grilled veggies arranged on a platter. You can dress with a lightly applied vinaigrette with lemon juice, garlic, s and p and mint and maybe sprinkler the platter with crumbled feta and some Greek olives. Either that or make ahead a ratatouille; it's great cold and tastes best after sitting overnight to meld.

    I make a garlic paste (aioli, really) to serve with lamb and flank steak that a Lebanese friend taught me to make; it's fresh garlic mashed in a mortar and pestle with some kosher salt to a thick paste, then olive oil is added while stirring (I'm told this must be done in only one direction or else!) until it stops absorbing the oil, then add lemon juice to taste. The more lemon juice, the less bitter it is. Pass parsley or parsley oil capsules. :-) A little of the garlic paste added to the dressing works really well, too.

    1. A rice/orzo salad, made with black beans, de-cobbed fresh corn, diced tomatoes and tri-colored bell pepper. Delicious.
      Potatoes: small newish ones, tossed with a bit of oil and hot sauce and peppered; oven-roasted, served with salsa and sour cream.
      Nopales salad
      Any grilled veg. except zucchini! Thick slices of onion, oiled and grilled and sprinkled with cotija or feta. Garlicky grilled tomatoes with a squeeze of lemon to finish.