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Jul 27, 2011 12:25 PM

Piccolo Forno Pittsburgh ...

I have a confession to make, I have ate Piccolo's food , but have never set foot in the restaruant .. Luckily I have had some friends work there and some that live in the immediate area, so had some take out experiences and really enjoyed.

This Saturday I plan on taking a trip with some family members and need some help

When does it get croweded? there will be some older memebers going and waiting for an extended period is not a pleasant thought. I am not against an early dinner , but waiting for hours is a deal breaker

Also, I hear they have a parking lot near by?? is this true

Food suggestions are always welcomed.. Jay I know this is one of you favs.. Fill me in

Piccolo Forno
3801 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201

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  1. I haven't been there on a Saturday. But normally midafternoon is a pretty decent time when they're not too crowded.

    I always just go with street parking. I haven't noticed a parking lot nearby, but that could just be me. I haven't had a hard time finding street parking.

    One thing they do really well that doesn't get recommended all that much is their panini. Nice crunchy crust, fluffy but chewy bread; flavorful well made and well conceived fillings, everything is nice and warm and toasty. Great price too. I had the Siciliana last time I went - sopressata, banana peppers, caciocavallo cheese, and some kind of olive tampenade - fantastic. The Lucchese (prosciutto, mozzarella, roasted peppers) is really good too, though less distinctive.

    I've actually been let down by some of their ragu - not bad, but too muddled (also too much carrot) like they didn't adjust seasoning before service. I'm sure you're familiar with their pizza by now - they're justifiably well loved. But generally, one of the things I like about this place is you can pretty much close your eyes and pick blindly off the menu and wind up with something delicious.

    ETA: their website mentions a 'nearby' parking lot. I still don't know where it is though. Sorry.

    1. I had dinner there with a friend on Saturday, Augie. I think we got there around six, and the only open seats were outside, but it was cool enough. It was nice, really, eating out front. Butler Street isn't that busy, really, at 6 PM on a Saturday.

      The food was mostly its wonderful usual self, though the sauces for both the lasagne and the gnocchi were a little bit hot (chili hot, not temperature hot) for my taste. I wonder if heat is something I'm becoming more sensitive to as I get older. I've never felt this way before about their food, and I've probably eaten there 100 times in the last ten years (hey, that should tell you something).

      Augie, I recall your liking Dinette. Maybe you'll like the pizza. It's my favorite in Pgh, though I haven't eaten at Dinette or Il Pizzaiolo.

      ***You can make reservations if your party is larger than six.*** 412-622-0111.

      The parking lot is on the same side of Butler (north), exactly across the street. The restaurant is at the NE corner of 38th and Butler, the parking lot is at the NW corner.

      1. I wanted to report on my vist on Saturday. We arrived a little after 5 and had no trouble getting a nice table , also I used thier parking lot. ( it is so nice to have easy parking)

        Started the meal off with (2) apps, the assorted meat and cheese plater and polenta. The polenta had a mushroom spread , that i found to be really tasty. I am not a huge fan of mushrooms and I could not get enough of the spread. The meat and chesse plate was more or less a meat tray. Very little standard cheese, but the meats made up for it.

        Our main courses, shared little from each others. Jay, I agree with you fully on the Gnooci. The sauce was very powerfull flavor of basil and spice, it was at times hard to get down. I enjoy a spicy sauce , but this almost too overpowering. I got nothing from the tomatoes. Having said that, the Gnooci were very delicate and fluffy.. a guest of mine thought they were too mushy for thier tatse ..

        I got the lasagne and did enjoy thier preparation. Very large portion, seemed as if the layers did not stop. I enjoyed how creamy and fresh it tasted very nice. I personally would liek to of seen a little more meat in the layers, but no complaints at all on my dish.

        Finally there was a spinach filled shell, with gorgonzola cream sauce. I did not personally taste this dish, the only complaint heard it could of used more of the sauce. Since it was baked I assume most evaporated.

        I really enjoyed the atmosphere in this place.. The waitress was very good.. she was spot on with drinks and removing plates , but did not sit and chit chat all night long.

        Even though some may disagree, when I go out to eat , it does go far beyond just the food. I enjoy the whole experience of the atmosphere , being waited on, and everything else that comes with that.. and Piccolo does make for a nice evening.

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          I'm glad you liked it, Augie.